Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: purchasing

Kaufen {n}Neutrum (das)
Einkauf {m}Maskulinum (der) [allg.] (das Beziehen von Gütern, Dienstleistungen)
Einkauf {m}Maskulinum (der) (Abteilung)
Einkaufen {n}Neutrum (das) (das Erwerben von Gütern, Dienstleistungen, Spielern etc.)
Kaufen {n}Neutrum (das) [allg.] (das Beziehen von Gütern, Dienstleistungen)


I exchanged my land-sledge for one fashioned for the inequalities of the frozen ocean, and purchasing a plentiful stock of provisions, I departed from land.
You need not, however, go to the expense of purchasing one, as we have one belonging to my dear daughter Alice (now in Philadelphia), which would, I should think, fit you very well.
Captain Peleg seldom or never went ashore, but sat in his wigwam keeping a sharp look-out upon the hands: Bildad did all the purchasing and providing at the stores; and the men employed in the hold and on the rigging were working till long after night-fall.
Stephen, in reply to a politely put query, said he didn’t sing it but launched out into praises of Shakespeare’s songs, at least of in or about that period, the lutenist Dowland who lived in Fetter lane near Gerard the herbalist, who anno ludendo hausi, Doulandus, an instrument he was contemplating purchasing from Mr Arnold Dolmetsch, whom B. did not quite recall though the name certainly sounded familiar, for sixtyfive guineas and Farnaby and son with their dux and comes conceits and Byrd (William) who played the virginals, he said, in the Queen’s chapel or anywhere else he found them and one Tomkins who made toys or airs and John Bull.
When I asked this officer’s permission to change the prisoner’s wet clothes by purchasing any spare garments I could get at the public-house, he gave it readily: merely observing that he must take charge of everything his prisoner had about him.
I was to take with me letters recommendatory to a number of his friends, besides the letter of credit to furnish me with the necessary money for purchasing the press and types, paper, etc.
She assisted me chearfully in my business, folding and stitching pamphlets, tending shop, purchasing old linen rags for the paper-makers, etc., etc.
As, when powder was wanting (I think it was for the garrison at Louisburg), and the government of New England solicited a grant of some from Pennsylvania, which was much urg'd on the House by Governor Thomas, they could not grant money to buy powder, because that was an ingredient of war; but they voted an aid to New England of three thousand pounds, to be put into the hands of the governor, and appropriated it for the purchasing of bread, flour, wheat or other grain.
Writings were accordingly drawn, and on paying the debts the trustees of the academy were put in possession of the premises; and by dividing the great and lofty hall into stories, and different rooms above and below for the several schools, and purchasing some additional ground, the whole was soon made fit for our purpose, and the scholars remov'd into the building.
The care and trouble of agreeing with the workmen, purchasing materials, and superintending the work, fell upon me; and I went thro' it the more cheerfully, as it did not then interfere with my private business, having the year before taken a very able, industrious, and honest partner, Mr. David Hall, with whose character I was well acquainted, as he had work'd for me four years.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Buchkauf {m} book-purchasing
Kaufkraftparität {f}, KKP {f} [ökon.] purchasing power parity , PPP
Einkaufen {n} (das Erwerben von Gütern, Dienstleistungen, Spielern etc.) purchasing
Einkäufer {pl} purchasing team
Kaufkraftparitäten {pl} purchasing power parities
Kaufen {n} [allg.] (das Beziehen von Gütern, Dienstleistungen) purchasing
Einkaufsabteilung {f} purchasing department
Kaufkraftschwund {m} dwindling purchasing power
Einkaufsleiter {m} purchasing manager
Einkaufsleiterin {f} purchasing manager