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Quadrille {f}Femininum (die) (ein Tanz) quadrille
Herzdame für den jungen Earl [lit.] Quadrille [lit.] (Patricia Ormsby)
quadrilliertes Papier {n}Neutrum (das) quadrille paper
Karopapier {n}Neutrum (das) quadrille paper
Karopapier {n}Neutrum (das) quadrille ruled paper [Am.]
quadrilliertes Papier {n}Neutrum (das) quadrille ruled paper [Am.]
Rotkehlzaunkönig {m}Maskulinum (der) [zool.] (ein Vogel) quadrille wren (Cyphorhinus arada)
Rotkehl-Zaunkönig {m}Maskulinum (der) [zool.] (ein Vogel) quadrille wren (Cyphorhinus arada)


She had also asked him twice to dine at Rosings, and had sent for him only the Saturday before, to make up her pool of quadrille in the evening.
It now first struck her, that she was selected from among her sisters as worthy of being mistress of Hunsford Parsonage, and of assisting to form a quadrille table at Rosings, in the absence of more eligible visitors.
The Lobster Quadrille CHAPTER XI.
The Lobster Quadrille The Mock Turtle sighed deeply, and drew the back of one flapper across his eyes.
At last the Mock Turtle recovered his voice, and, with tears running down his cheeks, he went on again:— ‘You may not have lived much under the sea—’ (‘I haven’t,’ said Alice)—‘and perhaps you were never even introduced to a lobster—’ (Alice began to say ‘I once tasted—’ but checked herself hastily, and said ‘No, never’) ‘—so you can have no idea what a delightful thing a Lobster Quadrille is!’
The young man looked, bowed in obedience, and then went to Teresa, and invited her to dance in a quadrille directed by the count’s daughter.
The quadrille had been most perfect, and it was evident there was a great demand for a repetition, Carmela alone objecting to it, but the Count of San-Felice besought his daughter so earnestly, that she acceded.
“One of the cavaliers then hastened to invite Teresa, without whom it was impossible for the quadrille to be formed, but the young girl had disappeared.
As the first quadrille had already been given to Vronsky, she had to promise this youth the second.
During the quadrille nothing of any significance was said: there was disjointed talk between them of the Korsunskys, husband and wife, whom he described very amusingly, as delightful children at forty, and of the future town theater; and only once the conversation touched her to the quick, when he asked her about Levin, whether he was here, and added that he liked him so much.

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