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ausgesprochen real
echt real
regelrecht real
tatsächlich real
wahr real
wirklich real
leibhaftig real
Affenhitze {f}Femininum (die) [ugs.] real scorcher {s} [coll.]
Bauträger {pl}Plural (die) real estate developers
Echthaar {n}Neutrum (das) real (human) hair
Echthaarverlängerungen {pl}Plural (die) real (human) hair extensions
Echtsilber {n}Neutrum (das) real silver
edle Seide {f}Femininum (die) real silk
Grundstücks- und Wohnungswirtschaft {f}Femininum (die) real estate
Immobiliarvermögen {n}Neutrum (das) real asset
Immobilien {pl}Plural (die) real property
Immobiliengesellschaft {f}Femininum (die) real estate company
Immobilienhandel {m}Maskulinum (der) real estate business
Liegenschaften {pl}Plural (die) real estate
Liegenschaften {pl}Plural (die) real property
Realbildsucher {m}Maskulinum (der) real image viewfinder
Reallohn {m}Maskulinum (der) real wage
Realspeicher {m}Maskulinum (der) [EDV] real memory
reelle Zahl {f}Femininum (die) [math.] real number
Sachwert {m}Maskulinum (der) real value
tatsächliche Adresse real address
Vollkoffer {m}Maskulinum (der) [bes. österr.] [ugs., pej.] (Idiot, Trottel) real idiot

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By all that I have ever read, I am convinced that it is very common indeed; that human nature is particularly prone to it, and that there are very few of us who do not cherish a feeling of self-complacency on the score of some quality or other, real or imaginary.
When you told Mrs. Bennet this morning that if you ever resolved upon quitting Netherfield you should be gone in five minutes, you meant it to be a sort of panegyric, of compliment to yourself—and yet what is there so very laudable in a precipitance which must leave very necessary business undone, and can be of no real advantage to yourself or anyone else?”
Miss Bingley succeeded no less in the real object of her civility; Mr. Darcy looked up.
But pride—where there is a real superiority of mind, pride will be always under good regulation.”
The master of the house heard with real sorrow that they were to go so soon, and repeatedly tried to persuade Miss Bennet that it would not be safe for her—that she was not enough recovered; but Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right.
She endeavoured to secure Jane in her interest; but Jane, with all possible mildness, declined interfering; and Elizabeth, sometimes with real earnestness, and sometimes with playful gaiety, replied to her attacks.
Two inferences, however, were plainly deduced from the whole: one, that Elizabeth was the real cause of the mischief; and the other that she herself had been barbarously misused by them all; and on these two points she principally dwelt during the rest of the day.
Between Elizabeth and Charlotte there was a restraint which kept them mutually silent on the subject; and Elizabeth felt persuaded that no real confidence could ever subsist between them again.
I am particularly unlucky in meeting with a person so able to expose my real character, in a part of the world where I had hoped to pass myself off with some degree of credit.
He spoke of apprehension and anxiety, but his countenance expressed real security.

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