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Deutsch Englisch
unterdrückte repressed
verklemmt repressed


She lost all concern for him in finding herself thus selected as the object of such idle and frivolous gallantry; and while she steadily repressed it, could not but feel the reproof contained in his believing, that however long, and for whatever cause, his attentions had been withdrawn, her vanity would be gratified, and her preference secured at any time by their renewal.
Justine assumed an air of cheerfulness, while she with difficulty repressed her bitter tears.
But the duke's soldiers, not being content with having pillaged the men of Oliverotto, began to sack Sinigalia, and if the duke had not repressed this outrage by killing some of them they would have completely sacked it.
His breathing was a little quickened; but he repressed all other signs of agitation.
He had naturally repressed much, and some revulsion might have been expected in him when the occasion for repression was gone.
Sometimes, at night on kissing her father, she would burst into the grief she had repressed all day, and would say that her sole reliance, under Heaven, was on him.
A couched spear of acuminated granite rested by him while at his feet reposed a savage animal of the canine tribe whose stertorous gasps announced that he was sunk in uneasy slumber, a supposition confirmed by hoarse growls and spasmodic movements which his master repressed from time to time by tranquilising blows of a mighty cudgel rudely fashioned out of paleolithic stone.
But repressed vexation at his son’s poor-spirited behavior found expression in his treatment of his daughter.
Natásha cried angrily, in a voice of despair and repressed irritation.
The French colonel with difficulty repressed a yawn, but was polite and evidently understood Balashëv’s importance.

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