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widerstandsfähig (gegen) resistant (to)
beständig (widerstandsfähig [Farbe, Material]) resistant
schwefelbeständig resistant to sulphur [esp. Br.]
schwefelbeständig resistant to sulfur [esp. Am.]
alkalibeständig resistant to alkali
alkalibeständig resistant to alkalies
käseecht (Druckfarben) resistant to cheese
resistente Stärke {f}, RS {f}Femininum (die) [biochem.] resistant starch , RS
ozonbeständig (Gummi etc.) resistant to ozone
ozonfest (Gummi etc.) resistant to ozone
ozonresistent (Gummi etc.) resistant to ozone
beständig gegenüber Ozon (Gummi etc.) resistant to ozone
vandalismussicher resistant against vandalism
vandalismusresistent resistant against vandalism
rowdysicher resistant against vandalism
beratungsresistent resistant to advice


Moreover, to put an end to that little resistant body of men behind a house, we required that after a gun had been fired it should remain, without alteration of the elevation, pointing in the direction of its last shot, and have two men placed one on either side of the end of its trail.

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