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Deutsch Englisch
retournierend returning
Rückkehr {f}Femininum (die) returning
zurückgebend returning
heimgehend returning home
Wahlleiter {m}Maskulinum (der) [pol.] returning officer
Wahlleiterin {f}Femininum (die) [pol.] (female) returning officer
Wahlamtsleiter {m}Maskulinum (der) returning officer
Wahlamtsleiterin {f}Femininum (die) returning officer
Rückflut {f}Femininum (die) returning flood


My kind friends will not hear of my returning till I am better.
The idea of his returning no more Elizabeth treated with the utmost contempt.
Mrs. Bennet still continued to wonder and repine at his returning no more, and though a day seldom passed in which Elizabeth did not account for it clearly, there was little chance of her ever considering it with less perplexity.
Miss Bingley said something of his never returning to Netherfield again, of giving up the house, but not with any certainty.
She found that she was to receive no other answer, and, after a short pause added: “I think I have understood that Mr. Bingley has not much idea of ever returning to Netherfield again?”
To persuade him against returning into Hertfordshire, when that conviction had been given, was scarcely the work of a moment.
He looked surprised, displeased, alarmed; but with a moment’s recollection and a returning smile, replied, that he had formerly seen him often; and, after observing that he was a very gentlemanlike man, asked her how she had liked him.
Elizabeth longed to explore its windings; but when they had crossed the bridge, and perceived their distance from the house, Mrs. Gardiner, who was not a great walker, could go no farther, and thought only of returning to the carriage as quickly as possible.
They had been walking about the place with some of their new friends, and were just returning to the inn to dress themselves for dining with the same family, when the sound of a carriage drew them to a window, and they saw a gentleman and a lady in a curricle driving up the street.
His wife represented to him how absolutely necessary such an attention would be from all the neighbouring gentlemen, on his returning to Netherfield.

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