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reif {adj.} [bot., agr., hort.] (voll entwickelt, ernte-, genussreif [Samenkapseln, Früchte, Getreide, Obst etc.]) ripe
abgelagert {adj.} (Käse) ripe
reif {adj.] ([bes. Weich-] Käse) ripe
reif {adj.} (bereit, vorbereitet) ripe
reif {adj.} (Zeit) ripe
reife Schönheit {f}Femininum (die) ripe beauty
ausführungsreif ripe for execution
pflückreif {adj.} [agr., hort.] ripe for the picking
pflückreif {adj.} [agr., hort.] ripe enough to pick
erntereif {adj.} [agr., hort.] (pflückreif) ripe for the picking
erntereif {adj.} [agr., hort.] (pflückreif) ripe enough to pick
übernahmereif {adj.} [ökon.] ripe for takeover
sturmreif {adj.} [bes. mil.] ripe for attack
genussreif {adj.} (Früche, Obst) ripe enough to eat
genußreif {adj.} [alte Orthogr.] (Früche, Obst) ripe enough to eat
entscheidungsreif {adj.} [jur.] ripe for adjudication
abbruchreif {adj.} (bereit für den Abriss) ripe for demolition
randaleträchtig {adj.} [ugs.] ripe for rioting
reifes Urtel {n}Neutrum (das) ripe judgement
reifes Alter {n}Neutrum (das) ripe age
marktreif {adj.} [ökon.] ripe for the market


She was a blooming lass of fresh eighteen; plump as a partridge; ripe and melting and rosy-cheeked as one of her father’s peaches, and universally famed, not merely for her beauty, but her vast expectations.
I found plenty strawberries, ripe and prime; and green summer grapes, and green razberries; and the green blackberries was just beginning to show.
I was glad the way it come out, too, because crabapples ain’t ever good, and the p’simmons wouldn’t be ripe for two or three months yet.
These apples were always counted, and about the time when they began to grow ripe it was found that every night one of them was gone.
HOW THEY WENT TO THE MOUNTAINS TO EAT NUTS ‘The nuts are quite ripe now,’ said Chanticleer to his wife Partlet, ‘suppose we go together to the mountains, and eat as many as we can, before the squirrel takes them all away.’
In this garden stood a fine large pear-tree full of ripe fruit; and Ashputtel, not knowing where to hide herself, jumped up into it without being seen.
Presently the fruit became round and firm, and she was glad and at peace; but when they were fully ripe she picked the berries and ate eagerly of them, and then she grew sad and ill.
In a few minutes the scuttle was opened, and, bound hand and foot, the still struggling ringleader was shoved up into the air by his perfidious allies, who at once claimed the honor of securing a man who had been fully ripe for murder.
For leagues and leagues it undulated round us, so that we seemed to be sailing through boundless fields of ripe and golden wheat.
Dropping his spade, he thrust both hands in, and drew out handfuls of something that looked like ripe Windsor soap, or rich mottled old cheese; very unctuous and savory withal.

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