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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: rugged

Deutsch Englisch
robust rugged
schroff rugged
zerklüftet, felsig rugged
krasser Individualismus {m}Maskulinum (der) rugged individualism
Rugged Island ({n}) [geogr.] Rugged Island
Isla Rugosa {f}Femininum (die) [geogr.] Rugged Island


Yet some feelings, unallied to the dross of human nature, beat even in these rugged bosoms.
I afterwards hired a mule, as the more sure-footed and least liable to receive injury on these rugged roads.
In one spot you view rugged hills, ruined castles overlooking tremendous precipices, with the dark Rhine rushing beneath; and on the sudden turn of a promontory, flourishing vineyards with green sloping banks and a meandering river and populous towns occupy the scene.
Immense and rugged mountains of ice often barred up my passage, and I often heard the thunder of the ground sea, which threatened my destruction.
He was not improved in habits, or in looks, or in manner; but there was a certain rugged air of fidelity about him, which was new to the observation of Charles Darnay.
Through gloomy vaults where the light of day had never shone, past hideous doors of dark dens and cages, down cavernous flights of steps, and again up steep rugged ascents of stone and brick, more like dry waterfalls than staircases, Defarge, the turnkey, and Jacques Three, linked hand and arm, went with all the speed they could make.
Molten lead and iron boiled in the marble basin of the fountain; the water ran dry; the extinguisher tops of the towers vanished like ice before the heat, and trickled down into four rugged wells of flame.
Enter Magee Mor Matthew, a rugged rough rugheaded kern, in strossers with a buttoned codpiece, his nether stocks bemired with clauber of ten forests, a wand of wilding in his hand.
Upon my word, Basil, I didn't know you were so vain; and I really can't see any resemblance between you, with your rugged strong face and your coal-black hair, and this young Adonis, who looks as if he was made out of ivory and rose-leaves.
With those whom Cephalenia's line inclosed, Or till their fields along the coast opposed; Or where fair Ithaca o'erlooks the floods, Where high Neritos shakes his waving woods, Where Ægilipa's rugged sides are seen, Crocylia rocky, and Zacynthus green.

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