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Lehranstalten {pl}Plural (die) schools
Schulen {pl}Plural (die) schools
Ingenieurschulen {pl}Plural (die) schools of engineering
Kunstschulen {pl}Plural (die) schools of arts
Schuldezernat {n}Neutrum (das) schools department
Schulpolitik {f}Femininum (die) schools policy
Schulrat {m}Maskulinum (der) schools inspector
Schulrätin {f}Femininum (die) (female) schools inspector
Schulrätin {f}Femininum (die) (woman) schools inspector
Schulfunk {m}Maskulinum (der) schools broadcasting


It may appear strange that such should arise in the eighteenth century; but while I followed the routine of education in the schools of Geneva, I was, to a great degree, self-taught with regard to my favourite studies.
I had hitherto attended the schools of Geneva, but my father thought it necessary for the completion of my education that I should be made acquainted with other customs than those of my native country.
We might go as far as the schools and back.
Compared to this seat, all the learning of the schools is as empty air.
The schools composing none but young and vigorous males, previously mentioned, offer a strong contrast to the harem schools.
The Forty-barrel-bull schools are larger than the harem schools.
Another point of difference between the male and female schools is still more characteristic of the sexes.
Because, as has been elsewhere noticed, those whales, influenced by some views to safety, now swim the seas in immense caravans, so that to a large degree the scattered solitaries, yokes, and pods, and schools of other days are now aggregated into vast but widely separated, unfrequent armies.
OF DARKNESSE FROM VAIN PHILOSOPHY, AND FABULOUS TRADITIONS What Philosophy Is Prudence No Part Of Philosophy No False Doctrine Is Part Of Philosophy Nor Learning Taken Upon Credit Of Authors Of The Beginnings And Progresse Of Philosophy Of The Schools Of Philosophy Amongst The Athenians Of The Schools Of The Jews The Schoole Of Graecians Unprofitable The Schools Of The Jews Unprofitable University What It Is Errors Brought Into Religion From Aristotles Metaphysiques Errors Concerning Abstract Essences Nunc-stans One Body In Many Places, And Many Bodies In One Place At Once Absurdities In Naturall Philosophy, As Gravity The Cause Of Heavinesse Quantity Put Into Body Already Made Powring In Of Soules Ubiquity Of Apparition Will, The Cause Of Willing Ignorance An Occult Cause One Makes The Things Incongruent, Another The Incongruity Private Appetite The Rule Of Publique Good: And That Lawfull Marriage Is Unchastity And That All Government But Popular, Is Tyranny That Not Men, But Law Governs Laws Over The Conscience Private Interpretation Of Law Language Of Schoole-Divines Errors From Tradition Suppression Of Reason CHAPTER XLVII.
I will begin with the words BODY, and SPIRIT, which in the language of the Schools are termed, Substances, Corporeall, and Incorporeall.

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