Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: scraps

Fetzen {pl}Plural (die) (aus Papier)
Abfälle {pl}Plural (die)
Fetzen {pl}Plural (die) [fig.] (Gesprächsfetzen)


His few common tools and various scraps of leather were at his feet and on his bench.
He moved from end to end of his voluptuous bedroom, looking again at the scraps of the day’s journey that came unbidden into his mind; the slow toil up the hill at sunset, the setting sun, the descent, the mill, the prison on the crag, the little village in the hollow, the peasants at the fountain, and the mender of roads with his blue cap pointing out the chain under the carriage.
With such scraps tossing and rolling upward from the depths of his mind, the prisoner walked faster and faster, obstinately counting and counting; and the roar of the city changed to this extent—that it still rolled in like muffled drums, but with the wail of voices that he knew, in the swell that rose above them.
“These scraps of paper fail me.
And this reminds me that certain Englishmen, who long ago were accidentally left in Greenland by a whaling vessel—that these men actually lived for several months on the mouldy scraps of whales which had been left ashore after trying out the blubber.
Among the Dutch whalemen these scraps are called “fritters”; which, indeed, they greatly resemble, being brown and crisp, and smelling something like old Amsterdam housewives’ dough-nuts or oly-cooks, when fresh.
In a word, after being tried out, the crisp, shrivelled blubber, now called scraps or fritters, still contains considerable of its unctuous properties.
Besides, from the ashes of the burned scraps of the whale, a potent lye is readily made; and whenever any adhesiveness from the back of the whale remains clinging to the side, that lye quickly exterminates it.
And Karatáev, with a suddenly changed and saddened expression, took a small bundle of scraps from inside his shirt and gave it to the Frenchman without looking at him.
I caught scraps of their conversation, from which I was able only too distinctly to infer the main subject discussed.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Küchenabfälle {pl} kitchen scraps
Gesprächsfetzen {pl} scraps of conversation
verschrottet scraps
Fetzen {pl} [fig.] (Gesprächsfetzen) scraps
Fetzen {pl} (aus Papier) scraps
Küchenabfälle {pl} (Essensabfälle) kitchen scraps
Stofffetzen {pl} scraps of cloth
Papierfetzen {pl} scraps of paper
Abfälle {pl} scraps