Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: scuffle

Gewühl {n}Neutrum (das) (Handgemenge, Balgerei)
Handgemenge {n}Neutrum (das)
Balgerei {f}Femininum (die)
Rauferei {f}Femininum (die)


At his fall the guardsmen took to their heels in one direction and the loungers in the other, while a number of better dressed people, who had watched the scuffle without taking part in it, crowded in to help the lady and to attend to the injured man.
He has little time, for he has heard the scuffle downstairs when the wife tried to force her way up, and perhaps he has already heard from his Lascar confederate that the police are hurrying up the street.
And she put her small hand upon his and a little scuffle ensued, Tom pretending to resist in earnest but letting his hand slip by degrees till these words were revealed: “I love you.”
He heard the sound of a scuffle and Sónya’s disapproving voice: “It’s past one o’clock.”
The last I saw of them was, when I presently heard a scuffle behind me, and looking back, saw Joe throwing an old shoe after me and Biddy throwing another old shoe.
Then, the two nurses left the room, and had a lively scuffle on the staircase with a dissipated page who had waited at dinner, and who had clearly lost half his buttons at the gaming-table.
“And you remember that we came up with the two in a ditch, and that there was a scuffle between them, and that one of them had been severely handled and much mauled about the face by the other?”
Just a moment previous to the scuffle with Henry, Mr. Hamilton suggested the propriety of making a search for the protections which he had understood Frederick had written for himself and the rest.
But, just at the moment he was about carrying his proposal into effect, his aid was needed in helping to tie Henry; and the excitement attending the scuffle caused them either to forget, or to deem it unsafe, under the circumstances, to search.
Not a latent echo in the house, not a squeak and scuffle from the mice behind the panelling, not a drip from the half-thawed water-spout in the dull yard behind, not a sigh among the leafless boughs of one despondent poplar, not the idle swinging of an empty store-house door, no, not a clicking in the fire, but fell upon the heart of Scrooge with a softening influence, and gave a freer passage to his tears.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
sich mit etw. / jdm. herumschlagen [ugs.] to scuffle with sth. / sb.
sich mit etw. / jdm. rumschlagen [ugs.] to scuffle with sth. / sb.
sich mit etw. / jdm. herumschlagen müssen [ugs.] have to scuffle with sth. / sb. {v}
sich mit etw. / jdm. rumschlagen müssen [ugs.] have to scuffle with sth. / sb. {v}
Balgerei {f} scuffle
Gewühl {n} (Handgemenge, Balgerei) scuffle
Rauferei {f} scuffle
Handgemenge {n} scuffle
raufen to scuffle