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Anwahl {f}Femininum (die) selection
Auslese {f}Femininum (die) selection
Auswahl {f}Femininum (die) selection
Wahl {f}Femininum (die) (Auslese) selection
Selektion {f}Femininum (die) selection
Zuchtwahl {f}Femininum (die) selection
Sortierung {f}Femininum (die) (Auswahl) selection
Anzeigemaske {f}Femininum (die) selection screen
Auswahlausschuss {m}Maskulinum (der) selection committee
Auswahlkriterium {n}Neutrum (das) selection criterion
Auswahlproblem {n}Neutrum (das) [-special_topic_math.-] selection problem [-special_topic_math.-]
Auswahlverfahren {n}Neutrum (das) selection procedure
Bewerberauswahl {f}Femininum (die) selection of (job) applicants
Bewerberauswahl {f}Femininum (die) selection of candidates
Jury {f}Femininum (die) (Auswahlkomitee) selection committee
Offiziersauswahl {f}Femininum (die) Selection Board (Br.)British English
Auswahlkommission {f}Femininum (die) selection commission
Auswahlkommission {f}Femininum (die) selection committee
Auswahlkomitee {n}Neutrum (das) selection committee
Zeitschriftenmappe {f}Femininum (die) selection of periodicals
Frischwurstaufschnitt {m}Maskulinum (der) selection of fresh sausage slices
Bauteileauswahl {f}Femininum (die) selection of components
Astronautenauswahl {f}Femininum (die) selection of astronauts
Bücherauswahl {f}Femininum (die) selection of books
Personalauswahl {f}Femininum (die) selection of personnel
Auswahlausschuß {m}Maskulinum (der) [alte Orthogr.] selection committee
Auswahlgremium {n}Neutrum (das) selection committee

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“A certain selection and discretion must be used in producing a realistic effect,” remarked Holmes.
After searching through it, he took out a selection of tools which he produced to lay beside him in orderly fashion.
In order to test his taste, she brought him a whole selection of things, all spread out on an old newspaper.
“Then, I think,” said Mr. Lorry, “that I was very unhandsomely dealt with, and that I ought to have had a voice in the selection of my pattern.
Now, a judicious selection from these with the least possible delay, and the burying of them, or otherwise getting of them out of harm’s way, is within the power (without loss of precious time) of scarcely any one but myself, if any one.
But to my surprise and no small concern, Queequeg now gave me to understand, that he had been diligently consulting Yojo—the name of his black little god—and Yojo had told him two or three times over, and strongly insisted upon it everyway, that instead of our going together among the whaling-fleet in harbor, and in concert selecting our craft; instead of this, I say, Yojo earnestly enjoined that the selection of the ship should rest wholly with me, inasmuch as Yojo purposed befriending us; and, in order to do so, had already pitched upon a vessel, which, if left to myself, I, Ishmael, should infallibly light upon, for all the world as though it had turned out by chance; and in that vessel I must immediately ship myself, for the present irrespective of Queequeg.
Now, this plan of Queequeg’s, or rather Yojo’s, touching the selection of our craft; I did not like that plan at all.
And when that functionary appeared before him, he bade him without delay set about making a new leg, and directed the mates to see him supplied with all the studs and joists of jaw-ivory (Sperm Whale) which had thus far been accumulated on the voyage, in order that a careful selection of the stoutest, clearest-grained stuff might be secured.
Firstly, oscillation between events of imperial and of local interest, the anticipated diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria (born 1820, acceded 1837) and the posticipated opening of the new municipal fish market: secondly, apprehension of opposition from extreme circles on the questions of the respective visits of Their Royal Highnesses the duke and duchess of York (real) and of His Majesty King Brian Boru (imaginary): thirdly, a conflict between professional etiquette and professional emulation concerning the recent erections of the Grand Lyric Hall on Burgh Quay and the Theatre Royal in Hawkins street: fourthly, distraction resultant from compassion for Nelly Bouverist’s non-intellectual, non-political, non-topical expression of countenance and concupiscence caused by Nelly Bouverist’s revelations of white articles of non-intellectual, non-political, non-topical underclothing while she (Nelly Bouverist) was in the articles: fifthly, the difficulties of the selection of appropriate music and humorous allusions from Everybody’s Book of Jokes (1000 pages and a laugh in every one): sixthly, the rhymes, homophonous and cacophonous, associated with the names of the new lord mayor, Daniel Tallon, the new high sheriff, Thomas Pile and the new solicitorgeneral, Dunbar Plunket Barton.
His little dinners, in the settling of which Lord Henry always assisted him, were noted as much for the careful selection and placing of those invited, as for the exquisite taste shown in the decoration of the table, with its subtle symphonic arrangements of exotic flowers, and embroidered cloths, and antique plate of gold and silver.

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