Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: sheepish

schüchtern (verlegen)


Well, I felt sheepish enough to be took in so, but I wouldn’t a been in that ringmaster’s place, not for a thousand dollars.
BLOOM: (Looks down with a sheepish grin.)
I became a favourite with both their husbands, thanks to a kind of sheepish innocence that I had the power of putting on.
But the rams need only cease to suppose that all that happens to them happens solely for the attainment of their sheepish aims; they need only admit that what happens to them may also have purposes beyond their ken, and they will at once perceive a unity and coherence in what happened to the ram that was fattened.
He sometimes turned sheepish and befogged eyes on the speaker, but obviously had not the slightest idea what he was talking about and scarcely heard it.
I noticed that there was a sort of softness and sentimentality coming over the boy, and you know I have a positive hatred of this sheepish sentimentality, and I have had it from a baby.
A black or malign disposition, an effeminate disposition; an hard inexorable disposition, a wild inhuman disposition, a sheepish disposition, a childish disposition; a blockish, a false, a scurril, a fraudulent, a tyrannical: what then?

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Deutsch Englisch
verlegen dreinblicken [ugs.] to look sheepish
verlegen dreinschauen [ugs.] to look sheepish
betreten dreinblicken [ugs.] to look sheepish
betreten dreinschauen [ugs.] to look sheepish
betreten dreinblicken [ugs.] to look rather sheepish
schüchtern (verlegen) sheepish
betreten dreinschauen [ugs.] to look rather sheepish
verlegen blicken to look sheepish
verlegen schauen to look sheepish