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Schoten {pl}Plural (die) [naut.] sheets
Tücher {pl}Plural (die) (Laken, Betttücher) sheets
Laken {pl}Plural (die) sheets
Blätter {pl}Plural (die) (Bögen Papier) sheets (of paper)
Blätter {pl}Plural (die) [musik.] (Notenblätter) sheets
Blätter {pl}Plural (die) (Zeitungen) sheets
Blätter {pl}Plural (die) (Flugschriften, Werbezettel) sheets
Blätter {pl}Plural (die) (Daten-, Informationsblätter) sheets
Eisdecken {pl}Plural (die) sheets of ice
Papierbögen {pl}Plural (die) sheets of paper
Notizzettel {pl}Plural (die) sheets of notes
Notenblätter {pl}Plural (die) [musik.] sheets of music
Pergamentbögen {pl}Plural (die) sheets of parchment


With no expectation of pleasure, but with the strongest curiosity, Elizabeth opened the letter, and, to her still increasing wonder, perceived an envelope containing two sheets of letter-paper, written quite through, in a very close hand.
I am, however, in good spirits: my men are bold and apparently firm of purpose, nor do the floating sheets of ice that continually pass us, indicating the dangers of the region towards which we are advancing, appear to dismay them.
However, in the morning I determined to have a look at it anyhow, so I bought a penny bottle of ink, and with a quill-pen, and seven sheets of foolscap paper, I started off for Pope’s Court.
It brings me twopence a sheet, and I can often do from fifteen to twenty sheets in a day.”
As he spoke he handed me three sheets of note-paper and three envelopes.
As she came in, she handed a number of sheets of typewriting to Van Helsing.
At first, he slept heavily, but, by degrees, began to roll and surge in bed, until he rose above the surface, with his spiky hair looking as if it must tear the sheets to ribbons.
Saint Antoine wrote his crimes on flaring sheets of paper, seized him—would have torn him out of the breast of an army to bear Foulon company—set his head and heart on pikes, and carried the three spoils of the day, in Wolf-procession through the streets.
So next morning he got some big sheets of wrapping paper and some black paint, and drawed off some handbills, and stuck them up all over the village.
But there’s one thing—he can have a rope ladder; we can tear up our sheets and make him a rope ladder easy enough.

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