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geringfügig slightly
schwach slightly
bitterlich slightly bitter
Leichtverletzte {m}Maskulinum (der) {f}Femininum (die) slightly injured person
Rippchen {n}Neutrum (das) slightly cured pork rib
leicht übertrieben slightly exaggerated
leicht beschwipst {adj.} [ugs.] (leicht betrunken) slightly tiddly {adj.} [esp. Br.] [sl.]
leicht angesäuselt {adj.} [ugs.] (leicht betrunken) slightly merry {adj.} [coll.]
leicht beschwipst {adj.} [ugs.] (leicht betrunken) slightly merry {adj.} [coll.]
leicht angeheitert {adj.} [euphem., ugs.] (leicht betrunken) slightly merry {adj.} [coll.]
Straße des Verbrechens (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1956) Slightly Scarlet
Strasse des Verbrechens [schweiz. Orthogr.] (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1956) Slightly Scarlet
leicht angesäuselt {adj.} [ugs.] (leicht betrunken) slightly tiddly {adj.} [esp. Br.] [sl.]


“You doubt me,” cried Jane, slightly colouring; “indeed, you have no reason.
Her heart had been but slightly touched, and her vanity was satisfied with believing that she would have been his only choice, had fortune permitted it.
Every park has its beauty and its prospects; and Elizabeth saw much to be pleased with, though she could not be in such raptures as Mr. Collins expected the scene to inspire, and was but slightly affected by his enumeration of the windows in front of the house, and his relation of what the glazing altogether had originally cost Sir Lewis de Bourgh.
Elizabeth, after slightly surveying it, went to a window to enjoy its prospect.
Nora [goes to the hall door, opens it slightly and listens.]
I was then much surprised and interested on glancing down to observe that, though the boots which she was wearing were not unlike each other, they were really odd ones; the one having a slightly decorated toe-cap, and the other a plain one.
She stood with her figure outlined against the flood of light, one hand upon the door, one half-raised in her eagerness, her body slightly bent, her head and face protruded, with eager eyes and parted lips, a standing question.
“I could easily see that she is somewhat bloodless, but I could not see the usual anæmic signs, and by a chance I was actually able to test the quality of her blood, for in opening a window which was stiff a cord gave way, and she cut her hand slightly with broken glass.
Her lips were slightly parted, and her breast rose and fell with the regularity of a pendulum.
There is, however, possibly a serious side to the question, for some of the children, indeed all who have been missed at night, have been slightly torn or wounded in the throat.

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