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wahrer Trost {m}Maskulinum (der)
echter Trost {m}Maskulinum (der)


Judge Thatcher surprised Jim Listening "Pap" Huck and his Father Reforming the Drunkard Falling from Grace Getting out of the Way Solid Comfort Thinking it Over Raising a Howl "Git Up" The Shanty Shooting the Pig Taking a Rest In the Woods Watching the Boat Discovering the Camp Fire Jim and the Ghost Misto Bradish’s Nigger Exploring the Cave In the Cave Jim sees a Dead Man They Found Eight Dollars Jim and the Snake Old Hank Bunker "A Fair Fit" "Come In" "Him and another Man" She puts up a Snack "Hump Yourself" On the Raft He sometimes Lifted a Chicken "Please don’t, Bill" "It ain’t Good Morals" "Oh!
The constant attention of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dashwood to his wishes, which proceeded not merely from interest, but from goodness of heart, gave him every degree of solid comfort which his age could receive; and the cheerfulness of the children added a relish to his existence.

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Solid-State-Drive {n}, SSD {n} [EDV] solid-state drive , SSD
Solid-State-Disk {f}, SSD {n} [EDV] solid-state disk , SSD
Halbleiterlaufwerk {n} [EDV, seltener] (Solid-State-Drive) solid-state drive , SSD
Solid Motor Assembly Building {n}, SMAB {n} [Raumfahrt] (Gebäude zur Endmontage der Feststoff-Booster der Titan-III- und IV-Raketen) Solid Motor Assembly Building, SMAB
Professorin {f} für Festkörperphysik professor for solid state physics
Festphasenpyrolyse {f} [phys., chem., tech.] solid phase pyrolysis
solidste most solid
interstitielle feste Lösung {f} [chem.] interstitial solid solution
Kalter Trost [lit.] Cold Comfort [lit.] (Quentin Bates)
Vollgummi {m} solid rubber