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Deutsch Englisch
haftet sticks
klebt sticks
Pampa {f}Femininum (die) [ugs., fig., pej.] (Provinz) sticks [coll.]
verklebt sticks together
Lakritzstangen {pl}Plural (die) sticks of liquorice
Joey's Team (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1996) Sticks & Stones
Joey's Team (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1996) Sticks and Stones
Lakritzstangen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of liquorice {s} [Br.]
Lakritzenstangen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of liquorice {s} [Br.]
Lakritzstangen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of licorice {s} [Am.]
Lakritzenstangen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of licorice {s} [Am.]
Lakritzestäbchen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of liquorice {s} [Br.]
Lakritzestäbchen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of licorice {s} [Am.]
Lakritzstäbchen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of liquorice {s} [Br.]
Lakritzstäbchen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] sticks of licorice {s} [Am.]


down she came upon a heap of sticks and dry leaves, and the fall was over.
I dined on what they called “robber steak”—bits of bacon, onion, and beef, seasoned with red pepper, and strung on sticks and roasted over the fire, in the simple style of the London cat’s meat!
It sticks horribly and the pattern just enjoys it!
Once there, all three took their hats from the stand, took their sticks from the holder, bowed without a word and left the premises.
Often they do that and try to see how close they can come without touching; sometimes the wheel bites off a sweep, and then the pilot sticks his head out and laughs, and thinks he’s mighty smart.
The benches was made out of outside slabs of logs, with holes bored in the round side to drive sticks into for legs.
Then they ran at once to the place, and poked the ends of their sticks into the mouse-hole, but all in vain; Tom only crawled farther and farther in; and at last it became quite dark, so that they were forced to go their way without their prize, as sulky as could be.
Hans takes the needle, sticks it into a hay-cart, and follows the cart home.
Hans takes the knife, sticks it in his sleeve, and goes home.
Your most usual point of perch is the head of the t’ gallant-mast, where you stand upon two thin parallel sticks (almost peculiar to whalemen) called the t’ gallant cross-trees.

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