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legte bei


Of course, he subjoined pensively, at the inward reflection of there being more languages to start with than were absolutely necessary, it may be only the southern glamour that surrounds it.
“‘I will like it,’ said I; ‘I dare like it;’ and” (he subjoined moodily) “I will keep my word; I will break obstacles to happiness, to goodness—yes, goodness.
he subjoined ere long; “and man meddle not with me: I have her, and will hold her.”
“The ceremony is quite broken off,” subjoined the voice behind us.
It is now rather more than seven months since I received, from M. Valdemar himself, the subjoined note: My DEAR P—-, You may as well come now.
I can vouch for the accuracy of the subjoined account, for I have had access to Lestrade’s note-book, in which the prisoner’s words were taken down exactly as they were uttered.
In the later 4tos a scene intervenes between the "Exeunt" of Faustus, Mephistophilis, and Wagner, and the entrance of the Duke of Vanholt, &c.—We are to suppose that Faustus is now at the court of the Duke of Vanholt: this is plain, not only from the later 4tos, —in which Wagner tells Faustus that the Duke "hath sent some of his men to attend him, with provision fit for his journey,"—but from THE HISTORY OF DOCTOR FAUSTUS, the subjoined portion of which is closely followed in the present scene.
MADISON To the People of the State of New York: THE author of the "Notes on the State of Virginia," quoted in the last paper, has subjoined to that valuable work the draught of a constitution, which had been prepared in order to be laid before a convention, expected to be called in 1783, by the legislature, for the establishment of a constitution for that commonwealth.
The subjoined jeu d’esprit with the preceding heading in magnificent capitals, well interspersed with notes of admiration, was originally published, as matter of fact, in the “New York Sun,” a daily newspaper, and therein fully subserved the purpose of creating indigestible aliment for the quidnuncs during the few hours intervening between a couple of the Charleston mails.
But when he had subjoined also, how in the days of the Emperor Julian a law was made, whereby Christians were forbidden to teach the liberal sciences or oratory; and how he, obeying this law, chose rather to give over the wordy school than Thy Word, by which Thou makest eloquent the tongues of the dumb; he seemed to me not more resolute than blessed, in having thus found opportunity to wait on Thee only.

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