Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: subtle

scharf (scharfsinnig)
schleichend (Gift)
schwierig {adj}
haarfein (fig.)
zart (subtil [Berührung, Hinweis, Ironie etc.])
zart (fein, dezent [Duft, Parfüm etc.])
dezent (Aroma, Duft, Parfüm)
dezent (Berührung, Hinweis)
dezent (Farbton, Bräune, Lippenstift, Make-up)
(fast) unmerklich (Unterschied, Veränderung etc.)
unterschwellig {adj.} (subtil, dezent)


Indeed, apart from the nature of the investigation which my friend had on hand, there was something in his masterly grasp of a situation, and his keen, incisive reasoning, which made it a pleasure to me to study his system of work, and to follow the quick, subtle methods by which he disentangled the most inextricable mysteries.
I had had so many reasons to believe in my friend’s subtle powers of reasoning and extraordinary energy in action that I felt that he must have some solid grounds for the assured and easy demeanour with which he treated the singular mystery which he had been called upon to fathom.
My sister and I, you will recollect, were twins, and you know how subtle are the links which bind two souls which are so closely allied.
We are only just in time to prevent some subtle and horrible crime.”
At last I felt that subtle change in the air, and knew that the morning had come.
Our bird when he found the cage open would not fly, so all our subtle arrangements were for nought.
His moods have so followed the doings of the Count, that the coming destruction of the monster may be carried to him in some subtle way.
In a hard and warlike time he was celebrate that he have more iron nerve, more subtle brain, more braver heart, than any man.
If the Count escape us this time—and he is strong and subtle and cunning—he may choose to sleep him for a century, and then in time our dear one”—he took my hand—“would come to him to keep him company, and would be as those others that you, Jonathan, saw.
All through the cold and restless interval, until dawn, they once more whispered in the ears of Mr. Jarvis Lorry—sitting opposite the buried man who had been dug out, and wondering what subtle powers were for ever lost to him, and what were capable of restoration—the old inquiry: “I hope you care to be recalled to life?”

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
feinsinnig subtle
subtile Untertöne {pl} subtle undertones (in speeches)
geschickte Finger {pl} subtle fingers
dezentes Augen-Make-up {n} subtle eye make-up
dezente Farbe {f} subtle color [esp. Am.]
dezente Farben {pl} subtle colours [esp. Br.]
heikel subtle
haarfein (fig.) subtle
zarter Hinweis {m} subtle hint
dezentes Augen-Make-up {n} subtle eye makeup