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Leiden {n}Neutrum (das) suffering
leidend suffering
Pein {f}Femininum (die) [geh.] (Leiden) suffering
einbüßend suffering losses
herzkrank (sein) (to be) suffering from a heart condition
wurmkrank suffering from worms
Kränkelei {f}Femininum (die) suffering from poor health
kränkelnd [auch fig.] suffering from poor health
asthmakrank suffering from asthma
leberkrank suffering from a liver complaint
geschlechtskrank [med.] suffering from venereal disease
geschlechtskrank [med.] suffering from a sexually transmitted disease
brandig [bot.] (vom Feuerbrand etc. befallen) suffering from blight
wurmkrank [med., vet.] suffering from worms
malariakrank [med.] suffering from malaria
an Malaria erkrankt [med.] suffering from malaria
an Malaria leidend [med.] suffering from malaria
geschlechtskrank [med.] suffering from a venereal disease


It was as follows: “MY DEAR SIR, “I feel myself called upon, by our relationship, and my situation in life, to condole with you on the grievous affliction you are now suffering under, of which we were yesterday informed by a letter from Hertfordshire.
But I was restrained, when I thought of the heroic and suffering Elizabeth, whom I tenderly loved, and whose existence was bound up in mine.
As it was, I lived ungazed at and unmolested, hardly thanked for the pittance of food and clothes which I gave, so much does suffering blunt even the coarsest sensations of men.
He was young, not more than five-and-twenty, I should say, with a strong, masculine face; but he was exceedingly pale and gave me the impression of a man who was suffering from some strong agitation, which it took all his strength of mind to control.
He has been under our care for nearly six weeks, suffering from a violent brain fever.
It seemed to me that all that he had of late been suffering in silence found a vent at once.
May God judge me by my deserts, and punish me with more bitter suffering than even this hour, if by any act or will of mine anything ever come between us!”
At such times you go by my volition and not by his; and this power to good of you and others, as you have won from your suffering at his hands.
It is all done; poor dear, dear Jonathan, what he must have suffered, what must he be suffering now.
Gregor's father and mother certainly did not want him to starve either, but perhaps it would have been more than they could stand to have any more experience of his feeding than being told about it, and perhaps his sister wanted to spare them what distress she could as they were indeed suffering enough.

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