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überblickt surveys


(Bloom surveys uncertainly the three whores then gazes at the veiled mauve light, hearing the everflying moth.)
History surveys a presentation of man’s life in which the union of these two contradictions has already taken place.
The stately ram thus measures o'er the ground, And, master of the flock, surveys them round."
Thus from the lofty promontory's brow A swain surveys the gathering storm below; Slow from the main the heavy vapours rise, Spread in dim streams, and sail along the skies, Till black as night the swelling tempest shows, The cloud condensing as the west-wind blows: [pg 075] He dreads the impending storm, and drives his flock To the close covert of an arching rock.
This from the right to left the herald bears, Held out in order to the Grecian peers; Each to his rival yields the mark unknown, Till godlike Ajax finds the lot his own; Surveys the inscription with rejoicing eyes, Then casts before him, and with transport cries: "Warriors!
Now o'er the fields, dejected, he surveys From thousand Trojan fires the mounting blaze; Hears in the passing wind their music blow, And marks distinct the voices of the foe.
Now storms the victor at the Trojan wall; Surveys the towers, and meditates their fall.
With joy the swain surveys them, as he leads To the cool fountains, through the well-known meads: So joys Æneas, as his native band Moves on in rank, and stretches o'er the land.
[pg 261] To Ida's top successful Juno flies; Great Jove surveys her with desiring eyes: The god, whose lightning sets the heavens on fire, Through all his bosom feels the fierce desire; Fierce as when first by stealth he seized her charms, Mix'd with her soul, and melted in her arms: Fix'd on her eyes he fed his eager look, Then press'd her hand, and thus with transport spoke: "Why comes my goddess from the ethereal sky, And not her steeds and flaming chariot nigh?"
Since victor of thy fears, and slighting mine, [pg 438] Heaven, or thy soul, inspires this bold design; Pray to that god, who high on Ida's brow Surveys thy desolated realms below, His winged messenger to send from high, And lead thy way with heavenly augury: Let the strong sovereign of the plumy race Tower on the right of yon ethereal space.

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