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Deutsch Englisch
bedankte thanked
gedankt thanked


Elizabeth thanked him from her heart, and then walked towards the table where a few books were lying.
Her aunt assured her that she was, and Elizabeth having thanked her for the kindness of her hints, they parted; a wonderful instance of advice being given on such a point, without being resented.
Elizabeth, though expecting no less, thanked him with tears of gratitude; and all three being actuated by one spirit, everything relating to their journey was speedily settled.
Jane ran to her uncle and aunt, and welcomed and thanked them both, with alternate smiles and tears.
Jane went to him instantly, kissed him, and thanked him for his goodness.
From an unwillingness to confess how much her intimacy with Mr. Darcy had been over-rated, Elizabeth had never yet answered Mrs. Gardiner’s long letter; but now, having that to communicate which she knew would be most welcome, she was almost ashamed to find that her uncle and aunt had already lost three days of happiness, and immediately wrote as follows: “I would have thanked you before, my dear aunt, as I ought to have done, for your long, kind, satisfactory, detail of particulars; but to say the truth, I was too cross to write.
and gave a look askance— Said he thanked the whiting kindly, but he would not join the dance.
I thanked my friend from my heart, but I did not speak.
She thanked him in the most ardent terms for his intended services towards her parent, and at the same time she gently deplored her own fate.
As it was, I lived ungazed at and unmolested, hardly thanked for the pittance of food and clothes which I gave, so much does suffering blunt even the coarsest sensations of men.

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