Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: the Battle of Waterloo

die Schlacht bei Waterloo [hist.] (1815)
die Schlacht bei Belle-Alliance [hist.] (Schlacht bei Waterloo [1815])


CHAPTER IV—A Those persons who wish to gain a clear idea of the battle of Waterloo have only to place, mentally, on the ground, a capital A.
In the battle of Waterloo there is something more than a cloud, there is something of the meteor.
The winner of the battle of Waterloo was not Napoleon, who was put to flight; nor Wellington, giving way at four o’clock, in despair at five; nor Blücher, who took no part in the engagement.
Jomini divides the battle of Waterloo into four moments; Muffling cuts it up into three changes; Charras alone, though we hold another judgment than his on some points, seized with his haughty glance the characteristic outlines of that catastrophe of human genius in conflict with divine chance.
He was defeated in the battle of Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington, and died in exile on the isle of St. Helena.

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Deutsch Englisch
Battle-Zeichen {n} [med.] Battle's sign
> Waterloo ({m}) (männlicher Vorname) > Waterloo
Sharpes Waterloo [lit.] Sharpe's Waterloo [lit.] (Bernard Cornwell)
Battle Creek ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in Michigan, USA) Battle Creek
Der Spitzel von Waterloo [lit.] A Very English Agent [lit.] (Julian Rathbone)
Waterloo ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in Iowa, USA) Waterloo
Waterloo ({n}) [geogr.] (eine Gemeinde in Belgien) Waterloo (a municipality in Belgium)
die Schlacht bei Waterloo [hist.] (1815) the Battle of Waterloo
Waterloo - Eine Schlacht verändert Europa [lit.] Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles [lit.] (Bernard Cornwell)
Battle Born State {m} [geogr.] (Beiname des Bundesstaates Nevada, USA) Battle Born State (nickname of the State of Nevada, USA)