Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: the Chinese

die Chinesen


They have provided a system which for terse comprehensiveness surpasses Justinian’s Pandects and the By-laws of the Chinese Society for the Suppression of Meddling with other People’s Business.
I read in that Voyages in China that the Chinese say a white man smells like a corpse.
Could you comprehend how the Romans stuffed their pheasants with assafÅ“tida, and the Chinese eat swallows’ nests?
He was passing the Chinese Baths, and appeared to have come from the direction of the Porte Saint-Martin, and to be going towards the Madeleine.
I would fain say something, not so much concerning the Chinese and Sandwich Islanders as you who read these pages, who are said to live in New England; something about your condition, especially your outward condition or circumstances in this world, in this town, what it is, whether it is necessary that it be as bad as it is, whether it cannot be improved as well as not.
As for your high towers and monuments, there was a crazy fellow once in this town who undertook to dig through to China, and he got so far that, as he said, he heard the Chinese pots and kettles rattle; but I think that I shall not go out of my way to admire the hole which he made.
Even the Chinese philosopher was wise enough to regard the individual as the basis of the empire.
The "good old" time is past, it sang itself out in Mozart—how happy are WE that his ROCOCO still speaks to us, that his "good company," his tender enthusiasm, his childish delight in the Chinese and its flourishes, his courtesy of heart, his longing for the elegant, the amorous, the tripping, the tearful, and his belief in the South, can still appeal to SOMETHING LEFT in us!
He served in the customs in Siberia, somewhere on the Chinese frontier, some puny little beggar of a Pole, I expect.
The modern régime of public opinion is, in an unorganised form, what the Chinese educational and political systems are in an organised; and unless individuality shall be able successfully to assert itself against this yoke, Europe, notwithstanding [Pg 136] its noble antecedents and its professed Christianity, will tend to become another China.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Chinese {m} Chinese
Chinese {m} (betont: Mann) Chinese man
er ist Chinese he's from China
er ist Chinese he's Chinese
Chinese {m} (betont: Junge) Chinese boy
Chinese {m} (Mann aus China) man from China
Chinese {m} (Junge aus China) boy from China
schlitzäugig [neg.] (bes. Chinese) chinky [sl.]
Der Chinese [lit.] (Henning Mankell) The Man from Beijing [lit.]
Chinese {m} [gastr., ugs.] (chinesisches Restaurant) Chinese restaurant