Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: the Japanese

die Japaner (Volk)


So that though Moby Dick had in a former year been seen, for example, on what is called the Seychelle ground in the Indian ocean, or Volcano Bay on the Japanese Coast; yet it did not follow, that were the Pequod to visit either of those spots at any subsequent corresponding season, she would infallibly encounter him there.
And so Starbuck found Ahab with a general chart of the oriental archipelagoes spread before him; and another separate one representing the long eastern coasts of the Japanese islands—Niphon, Matsmai, and Sikoke.
Launched at length upon these almost final waters, and gliding towards the Japanese cruising-ground, the old man’s purpose intensified itself.
Penetrating further and further into the heart of the Japanese cruising ground, the Pequod was soon all astir in the fishery.
Our gardens consisted of a pot of tulips; thou didst mask the window with thy petticoat; I took the earthenware bowl and I gave thee the Japanese cup.
This inflamed his rage; he repeated his threatenings, and turning to his companions, spoke with great vehemence in the Japanese language, as I suppose, often using the word Christianos.
As to myself, it was determined that I should be set adrift in a small canoe, with paddles and a sail, and four days’ provisions; which last, the Japanese captain was so kind to double out of his own stores, and would permit no man to search me.
There is a strict alliance between the Japanese emperor and the king of Luggnagg; which affords frequent opportunities of sailing from one island to the other.
There is indeed a perpetual commerce between this kingdom and the great empire of Japan; and it is very probable, that the Japanese authors may have given some account of the struldbrugs; but my stay in Japan was so short, and I was so entirely a stranger to the language, that I was not qualified to make any inquiries.
Such was the aversion of the Japanese to the Christian faith that they compelled Europeans trading with their islands to trample on the cross, renounce all marks of Christianity, and swear that it was not their religion.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Japanese {m} [hum., neg.] Japanese
Japan-Lyrakaiserfisch {m} [zool.] Japanese swallow (Genicanthus semifasciatus)
Niederliegender Günsel {m} [bot.] Japanese bugle flower (Ajuga decumbens / Ajuga nipponensis)
Prächtige Lilie {f} [bot.] Japanese lily (Lilium speciosum)
Japanisches Enzephalitis-Virus {n} [biol., med.] Japanese encephalitis virus
Engrish (nimmt die Art der Japaner, Englisch zu sprechen, auf die Schaufel) Engrish (humorous expression for the Japanese way of speaking English)
Mandschurenammer {f} [zool.] Japanese reed bunting (Emberiza yessoensis / Schoeniclus yessoensis)
Japanischer Katzenhai {m} [zool.] Japanese catshark (Apristurus japonicus)
Die Nacht des Mörders (ein japanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1967) Japanese Summer: Unreasonable Double Suicide [literal title]
Mädchen-Kiefer {f} [bot.] Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora)