Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: the Lyre

die Leier [astron.] (Sternbild)
die Lyra [astron.] (Sternbild)


A star precipitated with great apparent velocity across the firmament from Vega in the Lyre above the zenith beyond the stargroup of the Tress of Berenice towards the zodiacal sign of Leo.
And do you think, my excellent friend, that a musician when he adjusts the lyre would desire or claim to exceed or go beyond a musician in the tightening and loosening the strings?
There remain then only the lyre and the harp for use in the city, and the shepherds may have a pipe in the country.
The proposition, in this form, will be admitted at once by those who love the lyre for its own sake, and for its spiritual uses.
He hung the lyre for him on a peg over his head, and showed him where he was to feel for it with his hands.
On this a servant hurried off to bring the lyre from the king's house, and the nine men who had been chosen as stewards stood forward.

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der Lyre River [geogr.] (ein Fluss im US-Bundesstaat Washington) the Lyre River
Leier {f} [musik.] (antikes Saiteninstrument [ohne Fuß])) lyre
Texas-Lyraschlange {f} [zool.] Chihuahuan lyre snake (Trimorphodon biscutatus vilkinsonii)
die Leier [astron.] (Sternbild) the Lyre
Texaslyraschlange {f} [zool.] Chihuahuan lyre snake (Trimorphodon biscutatus vilkinsonii)
die Lyra [astron.] (Sternbild) the Lyre
Texas-Lyraschlange {f} [zool.] Texas lyre snake (Trimorphodon biscutatus vilkinsonii)
Leier {f} [musik.] (antikes Saiteninstrument [mit Fuß])) (kithara) lyre
Texaslyraschlange {f} [zool.] Texas lyre snake (Trimorphodon biscutatus vilkinsonii)
Kithara {f} [musik.] (antikes Saiteninstrument [mit Fuß]) kithara (lyre)