Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: the Magi

die Weisen aus dem Morgenland [bibl.]
die Heiligen Drei Könige [bibl.]


The summe of St. Matthews Gospell is this, That Jesus was of the stock of David; Born of a Virgin; which are the Marks of the true Christ: That the Magi came to worship him as King of the Jews: That Herod for the same cause sought to kill him: That John Baptist proclaimed him: That he preached by himselfe, and his Apostles that he was that King; That he taught the Law, not as a Scribe, but as a man of Authority: That he cured diseases by his Word onely, and did many other Miracles, which were foretold the Christ should doe: That he was saluted King when he entered into Jerusalem: That he fore-warned them to beware of all others that should pretend to be Christ: That he was taken, accused, and put to death, for saying, hee was King: That the cause of his condemnation written on the Crosse, was JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWES.
The Gymnosophists of India, the Magi of Persia, and the Priests of Chaldea and Egypt, are counted the most ancient Philosophers; and those Countreys were the most ancient of Kingdomes.

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die Heiligen Drei Könige [bibl.] the Three Magi
die drei Weisen aus dem Morgenland [bibl.] the Three Magi
die Weisen aus dem Morgenland [bibl.] the Magi
die Heiligen Drei Könige [bibl.] the Magi