Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: the Spanish

die Spanier


We saw Tilbury Fort and remembered the Spanish Armada, Gravesend, Woolwich, and Greenwich—places which I had heard of even in my country.
And although a complete proof of this latter cannot be shown, nevertheless there was some evidence of it at the battle of Ravenna, when the Spanish infantry were confronted by German battalions, who follow the same tactics as the Swiss; when the Spaniards, by agility of body and with the aid of their shields, got in under the pikes of the Germans and stood out of danger, able to attack, while the Germans stood helpless, and, if the cavalry had not dashed up, all would have been over with them.
It was the whaleman who first broke through the jealous policy of the Spanish crown, touching those colonies; and, if space permitted, it might be distinctly shown how from those whalemen at last eventuated the liberation of Peru, Chili, and Bolivia from the yoke of Old Spain, and the establishment of the eternal democracy in those parts.
Lionel then goes on to impute the shock to an earthquake, and seems to substantiate the imputation by stating that a great earthquake, somewhere about that time, did actually do great mischief along the Spanish land.
What was America in 1492 but a Loose-Fish, in which Columbus struck the Spanish standard by way of waifing it for his royal master and mistress?
It was far down the afternoon; and when all the spearings of the crimson fight were done: and floating in the lovely sunset sea and sky, sun and whale both stilly died together; then, such a sweetness and such plaintiveness, such inwreathing orisons curled up in that rosy air, that it almost seemed as if far over from the deep green convent valleys of the Manilla isles, the Spanish land-breeze, wantonly turned sailor, had gone to sea, freighted with these vesper hymns.
the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main!”
“Tom Sawyer, the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main.
The Black Avenger of the Spanish Main said it would never do to start without some fire.
The Terror of the Seas and the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main had more difficulty in getting to sleep.

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Deutsch Englisch
Spanish Town ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in Jamaika) Spanish Town
Spanish Lake ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in Missouri, USA) Spanish Lake
Spanish Fork ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in Utah, USA) Spanish Fork
Spanish Wells ({n}) [geogr.] (Ort auf Eleuthera [Bahamas]) Spanish Wells
Spanish Harlem ({n}) [geogr.] (= East Harlem, Ostteil des Stadtviertels Harlem in Manhattan, New York City [USA]) Spanish Harlem
Spanische Grippe {f} [hist., med.] (1918) Spanish flu
Spanische Wegschnecke {f} [zool.] Spanish slug (Arion lusitanicus)
Spanische Peseta {f} (Pts / Pta / pta} [fin., hist.] (frühere Währung von Spanien und Andorra) Spanish peseta , ESP , pta
Mönchziegel {pl} [bautech.] Spanish tiles
Spanischnote {f} Spanish grade [Am.]