Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: the Swedish

die Schweden


Chap sold me the Swedish razor he shaved me with.
To this semicouncil had been invited the Swedish General Armfeldt, Adjutant General Wolzogen, Wintzingerode (whom Napoleon had referred to as a renegade French subject), Michaud, Toll, Count Stein who was not a military man at all, and Pfuel himself, who, as Prince Andrew had heard, was the mainspring of the whole affair.
Young Count Toll objected to the Swedish general’s views more warmly than anyone else, and in the course of the dispute drew from his side pocket a well-filled notebook, which he asked permission to read to them.
Corresponding member of the Swedish Pathological Society.
It is remarked of Emerson that the idea of the symbolism of nature which he received from Plato, was the source of much of his pleasure in Swedenborg, the Swedish mystic philosopher.
"Yes; I’m used to it," said Madame Stahl, and she introduced the prince to the Swedish count.
INTRODUCTION by William Archer From Munich, on June 29, 1890, Ibsen wrote to the Swedish poet, Count Carl Soilsky: "Our intention has all along been to spend the summer in the Tyrol again.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Steckrübe {f} [bot.] Swedish turnip [Am.] (Brassica napus var. rapifera)
die Schweden the Swedish
Kulloche {f} [landsch.] [bot.] (Steckrübe) Swedish turnip [Am.] (Brassica napus var. rapifera)
Schwedische Krone {f} (Skr) [fin.] (Währung von Schweden) Swedish krona , SEK
Schwedischkurs {m} Swedish course
schwedischsprachig Swedish-speaking
Der Ostfriesen-Report (ein deutscher Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1973) Swedish Playgirls [Br.]
Schwedischlehrerin {f} (female) Swedish techer
Schwedinnen {pl} (betont: Damen) Swedish ladies
Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle (ein Schweizer Sexfilm aus dem Jahr 1980) Swedish Gas Pump Girls