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die (als Demonstrativpronomen [Nominativ + Akkusativ, Plural]) these
diese (Plural) these
diese Farben sind waschecht these colours are fast
diese Gesetze greifen nicht these laws have no bite
diese Reifen haben kein Profil these tyres have no bite
Diese Schuhe stammen noch von meinem Großvater. These shoes used to be my grandfather's.
Diese Tabletten halfen mir nicht. These pills did me no good.
diese widerlichen... these disgusting (sickening, unpleasant)...
heutzutage these days
solche Leute these kind of people
heute (heutzutage) these days
Tausend Berge (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1959) These Thousand Hills
Das Herz eines Millionärs (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1956) These Wilder Years
Ellen (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) These Friends of Mine [first season title]
Die spinnen, die Römer! These Romans are crazy!
Cocktails für den Mörder [lit.] These Unlikely Deeds [lit.] (Richard Martin Stern)


I have heard you mention them with consideration these last twenty years at least.”
But these are not Jane’s feelings; she is not acting by design.
“Yes; these four evenings have enabled them to ascertain that they both like Vingt-un better than Commerce; but with respect to any other leading characteristic, I do not imagine that much has been unfolded.”
The two youngest of the family, Catherine and Lydia, were particularly frequent in these attentions; their minds were more vacant than their sisters’, and when nothing better offered, a walk to Meryton was necessary to amuse their morning hours and furnish conversation for the evening; and however bare of news the country in general might be, they always contrived to learn some from their aunt.
As a clergyman, moreover, I feel it my duty to promote and establish the blessing of peace in all families within the reach of my influence; and on these grounds I flatter myself that my present overtures are highly commendable, and that the circumstance of my being next in the entail of Longbourn estate will be kindly overlooked on your side, and not lead you to reject the offered olive-branch.
May I ask whether these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are the result of previous study?”
“I know very well, madam,” said he, “that when persons sit down to a card-table, they must take their chances of these things, and happily I am not in such circumstances as to make five shillings any object.
“May I ask to what these questions tend?”
How wonderfully these sort of things occur!
On finding Mrs. Bennet, Elizabeth, and one of the younger girls together, soon after breakfast, he addressed the mother in these words: “May I hope, madam, for your interest with your fair daughter Elizabeth, when I solicit for the honour of a private audience with her in the course of this morning?”

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