Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to a hair

haargenau {adv.}
aufs Haar {adv.} [fig.] (haargenau)
aufs Haar genau {adv.} [fig.]


He carried his powerful execution inan style="background-color: #15d6dc">toan> minute details, an style="background-color: #15d6dc">toan> a hair point; finishes an eyelash or a dimple as firmly as he draws a mountain; and yet these, like nature's, will bear the scrutiny of the solar microscope.
"Thou hast said well and hit the point," answered Don Quixote; and so I recall the oath in so far as relates an style="background-color: #15d6dc">toan> taking fresh vengeance on him, but I make and confirm it anew an style="background-color: #15d6dc">toan> lead the life I have said until such time as I take by force from some knight another helmet such as this and as good; and think not, Sancho, that I am raising smoke with straw in doing so, for I have one an style="background-color: #15d6dc">toan> imitate in the matter, since the very same thing an style="background-color: #15d6dc">toan> a hair happened in the case of Mambrino's helmet, which cost Sacripante so dear."

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Hair (ein US-amerikanische Filmmusical aus dem Jahr 1979) Hair
Haarpflege {f} (Produkt) hair care product
bis über die Ohren erröten to blush to the roots of one's hair
(dickes) Haarbüschel {n} mop of hair
Strubbelkopf {m} [ugs.] (Frisur) tousled hair
Pussy {f} [sl.] (Vulva) hair pie {s} [Am.] [sl.]
jd. hat Ehestandsecken [ugs.] sb.'s hair is receding at the temples
Haarsprayflecken {pl} hair-spray stains
Haar {n} [bot.] (Pflanzenhaar) hair
Haarfestiger {m} (Schaum) hair mousse