Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to applaud

Beifall spenden
klatschen (applaudieren)
akklamieren [bes. österr.] (applaudieren)
Beifall klatschen
Beifall klopfen


We had made some pale efforts in the beginning to applaud Mr. Wopsle; but they were too hopeless to be persisted in.
Charles, then, died not by the hands of man; and should the present Proud Imitator of him, come to the same untimely end, the writers and publishers of the Testimony, are bound, by the doctrine it contains, to applaud the fact.
Nor must we allow our citizens to receive bribes, or to say, 'Gifts persuade the gods, gifts reverend kings;' or to applaud the ignoble advice of Phoenix to Achilles that he should get money out of the Greeks before he assisted them; or the meanness of Achilles himself in taking gifts from Agamemnon; or his requiring a ransom for the body of Hector; or his cursing of Apollo; or his insolence to the river-god Scamander; or his dedication to the dead Patroclus of his own hair which had been already dedicated to the other river-god Spercheius; or his cruelty in dragging the body of Hector round the walls, and slaying the captives at the pyre: such a combination of meanness and cruelty in Cheiron's pupil is inconceivable.
“I was the first to discover Duprez at Naples, and the first to applaud him.
These considerations teach us to applaud the wisdom of those States who have committed the judicial power, in the last resort, not to a part of the legislature, but to distinct and independent bodies of men.
The answer was a perfectly indescribable hiss, and Mowgli kicked up his feet behind, clapped his hands together to applaud himself, and jumped on to Bagheera’s back, where he sat sideways, drumming with his heels on the glossy skin and making the worst faces he could think of at Baloo.
At Antiochia the soldiers had been Wont to applaud at the stage plays, knew more of the gardens at the nearest restaurant than of the battlefield.
And I am much less inclined to applaud it for what it does than for what it causes to be done.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Beifall auf offener Szene klatschen {v} [Theater] to applaud during a scene
Beifall auf offener Szene klatschen {v} [Theater] to applaud during the scene
applaudieren to applaud
Beifall spenden to applaud
klatschen (applaudieren) to applaud
akklamieren [bes. österr.] (applaudieren) to applaud
Beifall klatschen to applaud
Beifall klopfen to applaud