Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to authorize

mit Vollmacht versehen
beauftragen (Vollmacht erteilen)


But every Soveraign, before Christianity, had the power of Teaching, and Ordaining Teachers; and therefore Christianity gave them no new Right, but only directed them in the way of teaching truth; and consequently they needed no Imposition of Hands (besides that which is done in Baptisme) to authorize them to exercise any part of the Pastorall Function, as namely, to Baptize, and Consecrate.
There are appearances to authorize a supposition that the adventurous spirit, which distinguishes the commercial character of America, has already excited uneasy sensations in several of the maritime powers of Europe.
If, under this impression, he proceeded to pass in review the several State constitutions, how great would be his disappointment to find that TWO ONLY of them(1) contained an interdiction of standing armies in time of peace; that the other eleven had either observed a profound silence on the subject, or had in express terms admitted the right of the Legislature to authorize their existence.
These considerations seem alone sufficient to authorize a conclusion, that the Supreme Court would have been an improper substitute for the Senate, as a court of impeachments.
The ordinary power of appointment is confined to the President and Senate JOINTLY, and can therefore only be exercised during the session of the Senate; but as it would have been improper to oblige this body to be continually in session for the appointment of officers and as vacancies might happen IN THEIR RECESS, which it might be necessary for the public service to fill without delay, the succeeding clause is evidently intended to authorize the President, SINGLY, to make temporary appointments "during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session."
To what purpose would it be to authorize suits against States for the debts they owe?
This being the case, let me ask if it is consistent with common-sense to suppose that a provision obliging the legislative power to commit the trial of criminal causes to juries, is a privation of its right to authorize or permit that mode of trial in other cases?

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
autorisieren (zu) to authorize (to)
jdm. die Genehmigung erteilen (zu) to authorize sb. (to)
berechtigen (zu) to authorize (to)
jdm. (die) Befugnis erteilen (zu) to authorize sb. (to)
bevollmächtigen (zu) to authorize (to)
mit Vollmacht versehen to authorize
bewilligen to authorize
jdm. (die) Vollmacht erteilen (zu) to authorize sb. (to)
ermächtigen authorize
beauftragen (Vollmacht erteilen) to authorize