Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to break out

entbrennen [geh.] (ausbrechen [Kämpfe etc.])
entflammen [geh., fig.] (ausbrechen [Kämpfe etc.])
ausbrechen (Kämpfe, Krieg, Unruhen)
ausbrechen (losbrechen)
ausbrechen (Gelächter, Jubel, Beifall)
ausbrechen [med., vet.] (Krankheit, Seuche)
ausbrechen (Feuer)
sich entladen [fig.] (Erregung, Wut etc.)


I called to the coachman to come, for it seemed to me that our only chance was to try to break out through the ring and to aid his approach.
It appeared to me that he must be a very happy man indeed, to have so many little drawers in his shop; and I wondered when I peeped into one or two on the lower tiers, and saw the tied-up brown paper packets inside, whether the flower-seeds and bulbs ever wanted of a fine day to break out of those jails, and bloom.
The summer holidays were near at hand when I made up my mind to break out of the weariness of school-life for one day at least.
It was no use making him take the pledge: he was sure to break out again a few days after.
It was in any case over MY life, MY past, and MY friends alone that we could take anything like our ease—a state of affairs that led them sometimes without the least pertinence to break out into sociable reminders.
Corruption—as the indication that anarchy threatens to break out among the instincts, and that the foundation of the emotions, called "life," is convulsed—is something radically different according to the organization in which it manifests itself.
"He is only breaking out at the door of his madness," she replied; "I mean, dear senor bachelor, that he is going to break out again (and this will be the third time) to hunt all over the world for what he calls ventures, though I can't make out why he gives them that name.
He that possesses her must keep her within bounds, not permitting her to break out in ribald satires or soulless sonnets.
This great gift also thou bestowedst, O my God, my mercy, upon that good handmaid of Thine, in whose womb Thou createdst me, that between any disagreeing and discordant parties where she was able, she showed herself such a peacemaker, that hearing on both sides most bitter things, such as swelling and indigested choler uses to break out into, when the crudities of enmities are breathed out in sour discourses to a present friend against an absent enemy, she never would disclose aught of the one unto the other, but what might tend to their reconcilement.
Moreover, when all the bravest of the Argives went inside the horse that Epeus had made, and it was left to me to settle when we should either open the door of our ambuscade, or close it, though all the other leaders and chief men among the Danaans were drying their eyes and quaking in every limb, I never once saw him turn pale nor wipe a tear from his cheek; he was all the time urging me to break out from the horse—grasping the handle of his sword and his bronze-shod spear, and breathing fury against the foe.

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Prison Break (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) Prison Break
Break Up - Nackte Angst (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1998) The Break Up [alternative title]
Break Up - Nackte Angst (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1998) Break Up [original title]
Lucky Break - Leidenschaft in Gips (ein australischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1994) Lucky Break [original title]
Lucky Break - Leidenschaft in Gips (ein australischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1994) Paperback Romance [Am.]
Clean Break – Die schmutzige Wahrheit (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2008) Clean Break
Prison Break - Ein letzter Schritt zur Freiheit (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2009) Prison Break: The Final Break
den Teufelskreis durchbrechen to break the vicious circle
Armbrecher {m} [Kampfsport] elbow break
jdn. mürbe kriegen to break sb.