Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to collect

eintreiben (Schulden)
Spenden akquirieren
abnehmen (elektrische Spannung)
einfangen [phys.] (sammeln [Signale, Licht etc.])
erfassen {v} (sammeln [Daten, Informationen])


I now also began to collect the materials necessary for my new creation, and this was to me like the torture of single drops of water continually falling on the head.
I paused to collect myself and then entered the chamber.
Mrs Linde is sitting at the table idly turning over the leaves of a book; she tries to read, but does not seem able to collect her thoughts.
Georges Petit is going to collect all my best pictures for a special exhibition in the Rue de Seze, which will open the first week in October.
For he felt about the whole affair the touch somewhere of a great Outer Horror ... and his scattered powers had not as yet had time to collect themselves into a definite attitude of fighting self-control.
“Give me time to collect my wits, Father,” said he, with a smile that showed that his father’s foibles did not prevent his son from loving and honoring him.
The seniors tried to collect straw and potatoes and, in general, food for the men.
Berg explained so clearly why he wanted to collect at his house a small but select company, and why this would give him pleasure, and why though he grudged spending money on cards or anything harmful, he was prepared to run into some expense for the sake of good society—that Pierre could not refuse, and promised to come.
Sventsyáni was remembered by the hussars only as the drunken camp, a name the whole army gave to their encampment there, and because many complaints were made against the troops, who, taking advantage of the order to collect provisions, took also horses, carriages, and carpets from the Polish proprietors.
More important still, Alpátych learned that on the morning of the very day he gave the village Elder orders to collect carts to move the princess’ luggage from Boguchárovo, there had been a village meeting at which it had been decided not to move but to wait.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
abholen to collect
abnehmen (elektrische Spannung) to collect
erfassen {v} (sammeln [Daten, Informationen]) to collect
Briefmarken sammeln to collect stamps
Spenden sammeln to collect donations
einen Geldbetrag aufbringen to collect a sum of money
einsammeln to collect
punkten [bes. Sport] (Punkte sammeln) to collect points
Geld sammeln to collect money
eintreiben (Schulden) to collect