Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to comply

die Bedingungen/Auflagen erfüllen, den Bedingungen/Auflagen entsprechen


This she would not hear of; but she was not so unwilling to comply with their brother’s proposal; and it was settled that Mr. Jones should be sent for early in the morning, if Miss Bennet were not decidedly better.
Charlotte hardly had time to answer, before they were joined by Kitty, who came to tell the same news; and no sooner had they entered the breakfast-room, where Mrs. Bennet was alone, than she likewise began on the subject, calling on Miss Lucas for her compassion, and entreating her to persuade her friend Lizzy to comply with the wishes of all her family.
You will hardly blame me for refusing to comply with this entreaty, or for resisting every repetition to it.
These motives urged me to comply with his demand.
We may not part until you have promised to comply with my requisition.
He had sworn to quit the neighbourhood of man and hide himself in deserts, but she had not; and she, who in all probability was to become a thinking and reasoning animal, might refuse to comply with a compact made before her creation.
I know not by what chain of thought the idea presented itself, but it instantly darted into my mind that the murderer had come to mock at my misery and taunt me with the death of Clerval, as a new incitement for me to comply with his hellish desires.
She herself was now so much excited that she was ready enough to comply with my desires.
Not only did he not save anything, but to comply with his mother’s demands he even incurred some small debts.
I stood out two or three weeks, was accordingly considered as an excommunicate, and had so many little pieces of private mischief done me, by mixing my sorts, transposing my pages, breaking my matter, etc., etc., if I were ever so little out of the room, and all ascribed to the chappel ghost, which they said ever haunted those not regularly admitted, that, notwithstanding the master's protection, I found myself oblig'd to comply and pay the money, convinc'd of the folly of being on ill terms with those one is to live with continually.

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Deutsch Englisch
die Bedingungen/Auflagen erfüllen, den Bedingungen/Auflagen entsprechen to comply
entsprechen to comply (with)
erfüllen to comply
erfüllt comply
Nichteinhaltung einer Frist failure to comply with a period of time
Nichteinhaltung {f} einer Bedingung failure to comply with a condition
allen Formalitäten entsprechen to comply with any formalities
den Weisungen entsprechen to comply with the instructions