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Wherefore, hereditary succession in the early ages of monarchy could not take place as a matter of claim, but as something casual or complimental; but as few or no records were extant in those days, and traditional history stuffed with fables, it was very easy, after the lapse of a few generations, to trump up some superstitious tale, conveniently timed, Mahomet like, to cram hereditary right down the throats of the vulgar.
His determination to cram down their throats, or put 'bodily into their souls' his own words, elicits a cry of horror from Socrates.
I did, though: I vociferated curses enough to annihilate any fiend in Christendom; and I got a stone and thrust it between his jaws, and tried with all my might to cram it down his throat.
Do thou but think What 'tis to cram a maw or clothe a back From such a filthy vice; say to thyself 'From their abominable and beastly touches I drink, I eat, array myself, and live.'
But I suppose you’ll have to cram in the evenings.”

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
sich hineinzwängen in to cram into
vollpacken to cram
vollstopfen to cram
nudeln to cram
etw. pauken [ugs.] (sich Lernstoff widmen [Vokabeln etc.]) to cram up on sth. [esp. Am.] [coll.]
büffeln [ugs.] (intensiv lernen) to cram [coll.]
mästen to cram
pauken [ugs.] (intensiv lernen) to cram [coll.]