Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to fade away

verlöschen [fig.] (schwinden)
sich auflösen (Menschenmenge etc.)
(immer) schwächer werden
verblassen [fig.] (Erinnerungen)
zerrinnen [fig.] (Hoffnung etc.)
verrauchen [fig.] (Wut etc.)
verklingen (Lied, Melodie)
schwinden (Hoffnungen etc.)
immer weniger werden (Menschen etc.)


The citizens, as in other Hellenic States, democratic as well as aristocratic, are really an upper class; for, although no mention is made of slaves, the lower classes are allowed to fade away into the distance, and are represented in the individual by the passions.
Like the ideals of art they are partly framed by the omission of particulars; they require to be viewed at a certain distance, and are apt to fade away if we attempt to approach them.
He descended, or rather seemed to descend, several steps, inhaling the fresh and balmy air, like that which may be supposed to reign around the grotto of Circe, formed from such perfumes as set the mind a-dreaming, and such fires as burn the very senses; and he saw again all he had seen before his sleep, from Sinbad, his singular host, to Ali, the mute attendant; then all seemed to fade away and become confused before his eyes, like the last shadows of the magic lantern before it is extinguished, and he was again in the chamber of statues, lighted only by one of those pale and antique lamps which watch in the dead of the night over the sleep of pleasure.
It was because you loved me well enough to give me one of those sweet means of death of which we were speaking; a death without agony, a death which allows me to fade away while pronouncing Valentine’s name and pressing your hand.”

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
fade flavorless [Am.]
fade insipid
fade commonplace
fade dismal
fade trite
fade tasteless
fade flavourless (Br.)
fade [adv.] tastelessly
fade schmecken have a bland taste {v}
fade (schal) stale