Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to flutter

flattern (sich im Wind bewegen [Fahne, Tuch, Wäsche etc.])
wallen (Nebel, Rauch)
wehen (flattern)
flattern (sich flink, auch fahrig bewegen [Hände etc.])
flattern (Vögel, Schmetterlinge etc.)
flattern [physiol., med.] (Herz, Puls, Augenlid etc.)
wedeln (etw.etwas / sich flatternd bewegen)


But the sparrow began to flutter about, and stretch out her neck and cried, ‘Carter!
In the darkness spirit hands were felt to flutter and when prayer by tantras had been directed to the proper quarter a faint but increasing luminosity of ruby light became gradually visible, the apparition of the etheric double being particularly lifelike owing to the discharge of jivic rays from the crown of the head and face.
“Just to flutter the nuns a bit.
Mrs Kearney’s anger began to flutter in her cheek and she had all she could do to keep from asking: “And who is the Cometty pray?”
In Germany, however (until quite recently when a kind of platform eloquence began shyly and awkwardly enough to flutter its young wings), there was properly speaking only one kind of public and APPROXIMATELY artistical discourse—that delivered from the pulpit.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Herzflimmern {n} [med.] heart flutter
Querruderflattern {n} [luftf.] aileron flutter
Zitterfliege {f} [zool.] flutter-wing fly
Höhenleitwerksflattern {n} [luftf.] elevator flutter
Vorhofflattern {n} [med.] atrial flutter
Zitterfliegen {pl} [zool.] flutter-wing flies
Leitwerksflattern {n} tail flutter
wehen (flattern) to flutter
wie muntere Vögel flattern (Hände etc.) to flutter like lively birds
mit den Wimpern klimpern (ugs.) to flutter one's eyelashes