Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to frown

die Stirn runzeln
finster blicken
finster schauen
finster dreinblicken [ugs.]
finster dreinschauen [ugs.]


Then the mountains seemed to come nearer to us on each side and to frown down upon us; we were entering on the Borgo Pass.
said Fóka, pretending to frown at Natásha.
He bent down so low to frown at his boots, that he was able to rub the calves of his legs in the pause he made.
Now bind my brows with iron; and approach The ragged'st hour that time and spite dare bring To frown upon th' enrag'd Northumberland!
Well, grant it then, And tell me, in the modesty of honour, Why you have given me such clear lights of favour, Bade me come smiling and cross-garter'd to you, To put on yellow stockings, and to frown Upon Sir Toby and the lighter people; And, acting this in an obedient hope, Why have you suffer'd me to be imprison'd, Kept in a dark house, visited by the priest, And made the most notorious geck and gul That e'er invention play'd on?

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
finster blicken to frown
finster schauen to frown
finster dreinblicken [ugs.] to frown
finster dreinschauen [ugs.] to frown
die Stirn runzeln to frown
etwas missbilligen to frown on something