Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to hesitate

stocken {v} (zögern, unterbrechen [beim Sprechen etc.])
sich zieren (zögern)
stottern (Motor)
stutzen (innehalten)
sich zögernd äußern
sich zögernd äussern [schweiz. Orthogr.]
unschlüssig sein (zögern)
unentschlossen sein (zögern)
Bedenken haben (zögern)
zagen [geh.]
häsitieren [veraltet]
fackeln [ugs.] (zögern, unentschlossen abwarten)
stocken {v} (innehalten)


Castruccio considered that he ought not to hesitate to render the emperor this service, because he believed that he himself would not be safe if at any time the emperor ceased to hold Rome.
My aunt started at such an unexpected result, but was too much gratified to hesitate for an instant.
"Of course, my dear uncle, I am too sensible of your great kindness in relieving me to hesitate about giving you the same relief."
How your words seem to hesitate on your lips!
“A moment later he came down again, holding in his hand the small shagreen case, which he opened, to assure himself it contained the diamond,—seemed to hesitate as to which pocket he should put it in, then, as if dissatisfied with the security of either pocket, he deposited it in his red handkerchief, which he carefully rolled round his head.
So throwing himself back in his armchair, he said, with an arrogant and purse-proud air: “Let me beg of you not to hesitate in naming your wishes; you will then be convinced that the resources of the house of Danglars, however limited, are still equal to meeting the largest demands; and were you even to require a million——” “I beg your pardon,” interposed Monte Cristo.
He seemed to hesitate whether to apologise, met my eyes, and went on: "There's food all about here.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
sich zieren (zögern) to hesitate
Bedenken haben (zögern) to hesitate
Sie können mich ruhig fragen. Don't hesitate to ask me.
stottern (Motor) to hesitate
zagen [geh.] to hesitate
Ihr könnt mich ruhig fragen. Don't hesitate to ask me.
innehalten to hesitate
häsitieren [veraltet] to hesitate
Zögern Sie nicht, mich zu fragen. Don't hesitate to ask me.
stutzen (innehalten) to hesitate