Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to impose

die Hände (segnend) auflegen
Eindruck machen


“It may perhaps be pleasant,” replied Charlotte, “to be able to impose on the public in such a case; but it is sometimes a disadvantage to be so very guarded.
Raising his hand to impose silence, the Professor motioned to me to bring the others in.
Some of the time he passed in a light sleep, although he frequently woke from it in alarm because of his hunger, and some of the time was spent in worries and vague hopes which, however, always led to the same conclusion: for the time being he must remain calm, he must show patience and the greatest consideration so that his family could bear the unpleasantness that he, in his present condition, was forced to impose on them.
And though the Assembly have right, to impose a Mulct upon any of their members, that shall break the Lawes they make; yet out of the Colonie it selfe, they have no right to execute the same.
Finding this took up too much of the time I had to spare for study, I at length refus'd to play any more, unless on this condition, that the victor in every game should have a right to impose a task, either in parts of the grammar to be got by heart, or in translations, etc., which tasks the vanquish'd was to perform upon honour, before our next meeting.
He would not allow the older boys to impose upon me, and would divide his cakes with me.
I mention this in your hearing, Jane, that you may not attempt to impose on Mr. Brocklehurst.”
Allow me to explain my meaning: Objects are differently seen when in the water and when out of the water, when near and when at a distance; and the painter or juggler makes use of this variation to impose upon us.
I think, he said, that there is no need to impose laws about them on good men; what regulations are necessary they will find out soon enough for themselves.
Then are we to impose all our enactments on men and none of them on women?

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Deutsch Englisch
andrehen to impose something on someone
eine Strafe verhängen to impose a penalty
jds. Freundlichkeit missbrauchen to impose on sb.'s kindness
die Todesstrafe verhängen to impose the death sentence
eine Nachrichtensperre verhängen {v} (über) to impose a news blackout {v} (on)
aufbürden to impose
etwas besteuern to impose a tax on something
Recht und Ordnung schaffen to impose law and order
ein Zwangsgeld erheben to impose a fine
eine Kreditlinie einfrieren {v} [fin.] to impose a draw stop