Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to issue

ausgeben {v} [bes. fin.] (in Umlauf bringen [Banknoten, Münzen, Wertpapiere etc.])
ausgeben {v} (erteilen, erlassen [Anweisungen, Befehle, Richtlinien etc.])
emittieren (Wirtschaft)
erteilen (Befehle)
in Umlauf setzen
publizieren (Bücher)
erlassen (verfügen [Verordnung, Haftbefehl etc.])
aushändigen (Schriftstück)
platzieren [fin.] (Anleihe, Wertpapiere)
plazieren [alte Orthogr.] [fin.] (Anleihe, Wertpapiere)
placieren [veraltend] [fin.] (Wechsel)


The murderous mark of the fiend's grasp was on her neck, and the breath had ceased to issue from her lips.
I stared at it horror-stricken, not knowing what was about to issue from it.
Castruccio, whose plan of action was fixed, and who well knew what to do, at once attacked the Florentines with five thousand infantry and three thousand horsemen, not allowing them to issue from the river before he charged them; he also sent one thousand light infantry up the river bank, and the same number down the Arno.
A numerous medley of men and women, not to mention beasts and vehicles of various sorts, was waiting to issue forth; but, the previous identification was so strict, that they filtered through the barrier very slowly.
Can it have been yesterday when I ordered Plátov to retreat, or was it the evening before, when I had a nap and told Bennigsen to issue orders?
I had regained the gallery, and was just shutting the back-door behind me, when an accelerated hum warned me that the ladies were about to issue from their chambers.
Yes, life of some kind there was; for I heard a movement—that narrow front-door was unclosing, and some shape was about to issue from the grange.
A positive light appeared to issue from Fezziwig’s calves.
—Not too strongly for the offence—but far, far too strongly to issue from any feeling softer than upright justice and clear-sighted goodwill.
It seemed, from the manner in which the words escaped from his mouth,—incoherent, impetuous, pell-mell, tumbling over each other,—as though they were all pressing forward to issue forth at once.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Sonderausgabe {f} special issue
etw./jdm. widersprechen to take issue with sth./sb. (Am.)
Flüchtlingsfrage {f} [pol.] issue of refugees
Kernproblem {n} (zentrales Problem) escrow issue
Karnevalsheft {n} (Ausgabe einer Zeitschrift) carnival issue
Nummer {f} (Ausgabe einer Zeitschrift etc.) issue
Februarausgabe {f} (einer Zeitschrift) February issue
schließlich in the issue
Juniausgabe {f} (einer Zeitschrift) June issue
Thema {n} issue