Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to put down

absetzen (auf den Boden etc. abstellen, legen)
umlegen (seitlich oder nach unten)
beiseite legen [orthogr. obs.] (ablegen; Brille etc.)
beiseitelegen (ablegen; Brille etc.)
demütigen (herabwürdigen)
herabsetzen [fig.] (herabwürdigen)
ersticken [fig.] (niederschlagen [Aufstand])
legen (verlegen [Bodenbelag, Fliesen])
legen (absetzen)
absetzen (aus dem Anschlag nehmen [Gewehr etc.])
absetzen (vom Mund lösen [Flasche, Glas, Blasinstrument etc.])
unterdrücken (niederwerfen [Aufstand etc.])
hinsetzen {v} (an / auf einen bestimmten Platz stellen [Gegenstände])
hinsetzen {v} (niedersetzen [Glas, Koffer, Korb, Tasche etc.])


‘They can’t have anything to put down yet, before the trial’s begun.’
I used to think I would like to practise interviewing; Jonathan’s friend on “The Exeter News” told him that memory was everything in such work—that you must be able to put down exactly almost every word spoken, even if you had to refine some of it afterwards.
I could see that she trembled greatly, and was evidently glad to put down the candlestick.
The king is either a king or no king; if he be acknowledged as sovereign of France, he should be upheld in peace and tranquillity; and this can best be effected by employing the most inflexible agents to put down every attempt at conspiracy—’tis the best and surest means of preventing mischief.”
Dantès ordered the helmsman to put down his helm, in order to leave La Pianosa to starboard, as he knew that he should shorten his course by two or three knots.
Eugénie ordered the porter to put down the portmanteau, gave him some pieces of money, and having rapped at the shutter sent him away.
have done) To put down Richard, that sweet lovely rose, And plant this thorn, this canker, Bolingbroke?
Wherever the Puritans have been sufficiently powerful, as in New England, and in Great Britain at the time of the Commonwealth, they have endeavoured, with considerable success, to put down all public, and nearly all private, amusements: especially music, dancing, public games, or other assemblages for purposes of diversion, and the theatre.
"Then if so," said Don Quixote, "here is a case for the exercise of my office, to put down force and to succour and help the wretched."

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
vorschlagen {v} (als Vorschlag unterbreiten) to put forward
in Betrieb nehmen to put into operation
(etw.) Rouge autragen to put some rouge on
ersticken (Feuer) to put out
etw. auf Herz und Nieren prüfen [ugs., fig.] to put sth. through its paces
schlucken [ugs.] (trinken) to put away
großartig tun [pej.] to put on airs
den starken Mann markieren [ugs.] to put on a strongman act [coll.]
großen Wert legen auf to put a premium on
jdm. die Daumenschrauben anlegen [fig.] to put the screws on sb. [fig.]