Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to render

machen (sichtbar, schwierig, unnötig etc.)
berechnen {v} [EDV] (bez. Bildsynthese [Grafik, Animation])


As for my fair cousins, though my absence may not be long enough to render it necessary, I shall now take the liberty of wishing them health and happiness, not excepting my cousin Elizabeth.”
Again she read on; but every line proved more clearly that the affair, which she had believed it impossible that any contrivance could so represent as to render Mr. Darcy’s conduct in it less than infamous, was capable of a turn which must make him entirely blameless throughout the whole.
I may there discover the wondrous power which attracts the needle and may regulate a thousand celestial observations that require only this voyage to render their seeming eccentricities consistent forever.
Justine also was a girl of merit and possessed qualities which promised to render her life happy; now all was to be obliterated in an ignominious grave, and I the cause!
For the first time, also, I felt what the duties of a creator towards his creature were, and that I ought to render him happy before I complained of his wickedness.
And then, to follow of your Lordship’s wishes I shall hold myself at your disposal to render an account to you, when and where you will.”
Before he died Francesco called Castruccio to him, and prayed him to show Pagolo that goodwill which he (Francesco) had always shown to HIM, and to render to the son the gratitude which he had not been able to repay to the father.
Castruccio considered that he ought not to hesitate to render the emperor this service, because he believed that he himself would not be safe if at any time the emperor ceased to hold Rome.
Supposing him wrapped up as those two passengers were, is there anything in his bulk and stature to render it unlikely that he was one of them?”
He turned at the grated door, to render the thanks of his heart; it closed under the gaoler’s hand; and the apparitions vanished from his sight forever.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
huldige render homage
eine Dienstleistung erbringen to render a service
berechnen {v} [EDV] (bez. Bildsynthese [Grafik, Animation]) to render
leisten to render
Dienstleistungen erbringen to render services
Naturalabgabe {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] render [-special_topic_hist.-]
funktionsuntüchtig machen [tech.] (Baugruppen etc.) to render inoperative
unnötig machen to render unnecessary
entwerten (wertlos machen) to render worthless
verweichlichen to render effeminate