Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to ship

schiffen [veraltend] (mit dem Schiff fahren)


Now, suppose I, who have much of affairs, wish to ship goods, say, to Newcastle, or Durham, or Harwich, or Dover, might it not be that it could with more ease be done by consigning to one in these ports?”
He have prepare for this in some way, and that last earth-box was ready to ship somewheres.
Seeing me so determined, he expressed his willingness to ship me.
“Captain Peleg,” said I, “I have a friend with me who wants to ship too—shall I bring him down to-morrow?”
Beware of enlisting in your vigilant fisheries any lad with lean brow and hollow eye; given to unseasonable meditativeness; and who offers to ship with the Phædon instead of Bowditch in his head.
From ship to ship thus Ajax swiftly flew, No less the wonder of the warring crew.
"That is plain speaking," said Sancho; "but let your worship take care to choose it on the seacoast, so that if I don't like the life, I may be able to ship off my black vassals and deal with them as I have said; don't mind going to see my lady Dulcinea now, but go and kill this giant and let us finish off this business; for by God it strikes me it will be one of great honour and great profit."
[Footnote b: A large portion of the adventurers, says Stith ("History of Virginia"), were unprincipled young men of family, whom their parents were glad to ship off, discharged servants, fraudulent bankrupts, or debauchees; and others of the same class, people more apt to pillage and destroy than to assist the settlement, were the seditious chiefs, who easily led this band into every kind of extravagance and excess.

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der Spuyten Duyvil Creek [geogr.] (kurzer Flussabschnitt in New York City, der den Hudson River mit dem Harlem River Ship Canal verbindet) the Spuyten Duyvil Creek
Schiffsteile {pl} [naut.] (Bestandteile eines Schiffs) parts of a ship
Schiffsrakete {f} [mil.-tech.] ship-launched missile
Schiff {n} der Küstenwache coast guard ship
Schiffsleiter {f} [naut.] ship's ladder
Getreideschiff {n} [naut.] grain ship
Schiffsverpflegung {f} [naut.] ship's rations
an Bord enes Schiffes gehen {v} [naut.] to go on board a ship
Schiffsversorgung {f} [naut.] ship supply
Schiffsmechaniker {m} ship mechanic