Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: to swerve

ausbrechen (ins Schleudern geraten)
ausbrechen (Pferd)


Because the prospect of present loss or advantage may often tempt the governing party in one or two States to swerve from good faith and justice; but those temptations, not reaching the other States, and consequently having little or no influence on the national government, the temptation will be fruitless, and good faith and justice be preserved.
Thou hast good natural instincts, without which no knowledge is worth anything; commend thyself to God, and try not to swerve in the pursuit of thy main object; I mean, always make it thy aim and fixed purpose to do right in all matters that come before thee, for heaven always helps good intentions; and now let us go to dinner, for I think my lord and lady are waiting for us."
This spirit appertains more especially to the English lawyers; they seem indifferent to the real meaning of what they treat, and they direct all their attention to the letter, seeming inclined to infringe the rules of common sense and of humanity rather than to swerve one title from the law.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
ausbrechen (Pferd) to swerve
Schlenker {m} [ugs.] ([plötzliche] bogenförmige [bes. Fahr-] Bewegung) swerve
Ausbrechen {n} swerve
Drehen {n} swerve
in Schlangenlinien fahren to swerve about
Schleudern {n} swerve
jdm. aus dem Weg gehen [fig.] to give sb. a body swerve
ausbrechen (ins Schleudern geraten) to swerve