Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: torments

Qualen {pl}Plural (die)
Er (ein mexikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1953)


Let the cursed and hellish monster drink deep of agony; let him feel the despair that now torments me."
what trances of torments does that man endure who is consumed with one unachieved revengeful desire.
From the ship, the smoke of the torments of the boiling whale is going up like the smoke over a village of smithies; and to windward, a black cloud, rising up with earnest of squalls and rains, seems to quicken the activity of the excited seamen.
But though boats have been taken down and lost in this way, yet it is this “holding on,” as it is called; this hooking up by the sharp barbs of his live flesh from the back; this it is that often torments the Leviathan into soon rising again to meet the sharp lance of his foes.
OF THE SIGNIFICATION IN SCRIPTURE OF ETERNALL LIFE, Place Of Adams Eternity If He Had Not Sinned, The Terrestrial Paradise Texts Concerning The Place Of Life Eternall For Beleevers Ascension Into Heaven The Place After Judgment, Of Those Who Were Never In The Kingdome The Congregation Of Giants Lake Of Fire Utter Darknesse Gehenna, And Tophet Of The Literall Sense Of The Scripture Concerning Hell Satan, Devill, Not Proper Names, But Appellatives Torments Of Hell The Joyes Of Life Eternall, And Salvation The Same Thing, The Place Of Eternall Salvation Redemption CHAPTER XXXIX.
OF SPIRITUALL DARKNESSE FROM MISINTERPRETATION OF The Kingdome Of Darknesse What The Church Not Yet Fully Freed Of Darknesse Four Causes Of Spirituall Darknesse Errors From Misinterpreting The Scriptures, Concerning The Kingdome As That The Kingdome Of God Is The Present Church And That The Pope Is His Vicar Generall And That The Pastors Are The Clergy Error From Mistaking Consecration For Conjuration Incantation In The Ceremonies Of Baptisme In Marriage, In Visitation Of The Sick, And In Consecration Of Places Errors From Mistaking Eternall Life, And Everlasting Death As The Doctrine Of Purgatory, And Exorcismes, And Invocation Of Saints The Texts Alledged For The Doctrines Aforementioned Have Been Answered Answer To The Text On Which Beza Infereth Explication Of The Place In Mark 9.1 Abuse Of Some Other Texts In Defence Of The Power Of The Pope The Manner Of Consecrations In The Scripture, Was Without Exorcisms The Immortality Of Mans Soule, Not Proved By Scripture To Be Of Nature, Eternall Torments What Answer Of The Texts Alledged For Purgatory Places Of The New Testament For Purgatory Answered Baptisme For The Dead, How Understood CHAPTER XLV.
And though after death, there be no sense of the praise given us on Earth, as being joyes, that are either swallowed up in the unspeakable joyes of Heaven, or extinguished in the extreme torments of Hell: yet is not such Fame vain; because men have a present delight therein, from the foresight of it, and of the benefit that may rebound thereby to their posterity: which though they now see not, yet they imagine; and any thing that is pleasure in the sense, the same also is pleasure in the imagination.
The Place After Judgment, Of Those Who Were Never In The Kingdome Of God, Or Having Been In, Are Cast Out As the Kingdome of God, and Eternall Life, so also Gods Enemies, and their Torments after Judgment, appear by the Scripture, to have their place on Earth.
Torments Of Hell The Torments of Hell, are expressed sometimes, by "weeping, and gnashing of teeth," as Mat.
The fire prepared for the wicked, is an Everlasting Fire: that is to say, the estate wherein no man can be without torture, both of body and mind, after the Resurrection, shall endure for ever; and in that sense the Fire shall be unquenchable, and the torments Everlasting: but it cannot thence be inferred, that hee who shall be cast into that fire, or be tormented with those torments, shall endure, and resist them so, as to be eternally burnt, and tortured, and yet never be destroyed, nor die.

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Deutsch Englisch
peinigt torments
Qualen {pl} torments
schikaniert torments
Tantalusqual {f} torments of Tantalus
Liebesqual {f} torments of love
Liebesqualen {pl} torments of love
Er (ein mexikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1953) Torments