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Reisenden {pl}Plural (die) travelers
Fahrende {pl}Plural (die) (Zigeuner, Jenische etc.) travelers [esp. Am.]
Reisewortschatz {m}Maskulinum (der) travelers vocabulary [esp. Am.]
Reise-Wortschatz {m}Maskulinum (der) travelers vocabulary [esp. Am.]
Reisevokabular {n}Neutrum (das) travelers vocabulary [esp. Am.]
Reise-Vokabular {n}Neutrum (das) travelers vocabulary [esp. Am.]


Put to sleep with the sword, that sea-going travelers 10 No longer thereafter were hindered from sailing The foam-dashing currents.
Next morning, after the fatigues of their journey, the travelers slept till ten o’clock.
One might have thought she was angry with the travelers and would immediately turn them out, had she not at the same time been giving careful instructions to the servants for the accommodation of the visitors and their belongings.
Those who were to remain in Moscow walked on either side of the vehicles seeing the travelers off.
Lo soul, the retrospect brought forward, The old, most populous, wealthiest of earth's lands, The streams of the Indus and the Ganges and their many affluents, (I my shores of America walking to-day behold, resuming all,) The tale of Alexander on his warlike marches suddenly dying, On one side China and on the other side Persia and Arabia, To the south the great seas and the bay of Bengal, The flowing literatures, tremendous epics, religions, castes, Old occult Brahma interminably far back, the tender and junior Buddha, Central and southern empires and all their belongings, possessors, The wars of Tamerlane,the reign of Aurungzebe, The traders, rulers, explorers, Moslems, Venetians, Byzantium, the Arabs, Portuguese, The first travelers famous yet, Marco Polo, Batouta the Moor, Doubts to be solv'd, the map incognita, blanks to be fill'd, The foot of man unstay'd, the hands never at rest, Thyself O soul that will not brook a challenge.
How many travelers started from their homes and neer return'd!
It was almost dark under the trees, for the branches shut out the daylight; but the travelers did not stop, and went on into the forest.
It was a bit of good luck to have their new comrade join the party, for soon after they had begun their journey again they came to a place where the trees and branches grew so thick over the road that the travelers could not pass.
This adventure made the travelers more anxious than ever to get out of the forest, and they walked so fast that Dorothy became tired, and had to ride on the Lion's back.
The Deadly Poppy Field Our little party of travelers awakened the next morning refreshed and full of hope, and Dorothy breakfasted like a princess off peaches and plums from the trees beside the river.

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