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Rohre {pl}Plural (die) tubes
Röhren {pl}Plural (die) tubes
Schläuche {pl}Plural (die) tubes
Tuben {pl}Plural (die) [anat.] (Eileiter) (Fallopian) tubes
Tuben {pl}Plural (die) (Behälter für Pasten [Klebstoff, Zahncreme etc.]) tubes
Tuben {pl}Plural (die) [opt., fot.] tubes
Tubusse {pl}Plural (die) [opt., fot.] tubes
Röhrchen {pl}Plural (die) (längliche zylindrische Gebilde) (small) tubes


By Dlugacz’ porkshop bright tubes of Agendath trotted a gallantbuttocked mare.
His fingers were straying about among the litter of tin tubes and dry brushes, seeking for something.
To divide a little this incumbrance among my friends, I caused a number of similar tubes to be blown at our glass-house, with which they furnish'd themselves, so that we had at length several performers.
Both laid themselves down on the divan; chibouques with jasmine tubes and amber mouthpieces were within reach, and all prepared so that there was no need to smoke the same pipe twice.
There, on a table, surrounded at some distance by a large and luxurious divan, every species of tobacco known,—from the yellow tobacco of Petersburg to the black of Sinai, and so on along the scale from Maryland and Porto Rico, to Latakia,—was exposed in pots of crackled earthenware of which the Dutch are so fond; beside them, in boxes of fragrant wood, were ranged, according to their size and quality, puros, regalias, havanas, and manillas; and, in an open cabinet, a collection of German pipes, of chibouques, with their amber mouth-pieces ornamented with coral, and of narghiles, with their long tubes of morocco, awaiting the caprice or the sympathy of the smokers.
All night through their destructive tubes advanced.
Our bodies are half made up of glands and tubes and organs, occupied in turning heterogeneous food into blood.
In the lower ends of these tubes are holes in which the pivots of the axis revolve.

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